Thursday, February 21, 2008

Are you a woman of faith? Do you have a website, a book, a mission to help others? Let me know and I'll consider adding your link to this page. I'm just starting this (my fourth blog) as I've been unceremoniously "locked" out of my other accounts. I've gone through the "help" loop time and again only to find the door firmly shut. I can't access the editorial area of the blogs to add to them--and guess what--Blogger doesn't offer any live help.

So here I am. Here we are.
I learned a long time ago that if God closes a door, He always opens a window.
This time, three doors were shut all at once. But this is my window. (In fact, I don't even remember EVER setting up this blog, but there it was in my email. A note from Google telling me this blog was in my name (my first name only, but it's a rare name. Linore, with an 'i' where most people spell it with an 'e'.) I have no idea where it's been hiding for the last few years that I've been online, or why google never told me about it, sooner. Strange, huh? I'm just going to accept it as a "God" thing. The same day I can't access my other accounts, this one, by the name of "Woman of Faith" is sent to me.

And the truth is, that is what I am. A woman of faith.

What about you?