Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Would You Like to Win a Book? (Subscriber Drive)

Would You Like to Win a Book? 
I'm running a subscriber drive. I've almost finished a proposal for a new book that I'm hoping to win a contract for, and I'd love to show my new publisher that I've got a good reading audience. For this reason, I'd like to DOUBLE my subscriber list.. To automatically WIN a FREE book from me, send five people to subscribe to my website mailing list AND this blog, Woman of Faith.  They will need merely to enter their email address on the pop-up form on my website AND one of the forms on the right side of this blog. 

Anyone can subscribe, but only US residents can win a free book for recommending friends (Sorry). Five friends may seem like a lot, but I know you can do it! Besides, I'm giving you a book for your efforts. If you've already enjoyed my work, you'll have one to give away as a gift.  Books make excellent gifts and mine will particularly appeal to most any woman in your life. (Men, too, have reported enjoying my books, so don't be afraid to ask men to subscribe, or to give them a copy!)

How Does It Work? 
Use my email template below to make this easy. You'll  recommend me to your friends, assuring them that I won't spam or otherwise cause  regret for joining me.  When you send your email to your list, copy me in on it, so I'll know who sent them when/if they subscribe. Include your full mailing address at the bottom of your email so I can mail out a book to you. If five of your friends don't subscribe you won't get a book, so be sure to encourage them to do so!  Below is a suggested message you can use (simply copy and paste it into the body of your email) to make this even simpler. 

What Will You Receive?
I have enough books to award about 200 of you with a free one. I won't guarantee which of my books you'll receive, but again, if it turns out to be something you've read, you'll now have a brand-new, autographed copy to find its way beneath someone's Christmas tree, or to a birthday celebration, etc. If you receive Before the Season Ends, you'll have a book to give away that even includes the gospel message!

Why Am I Giving Away My Books?
I've been doing less speaking and teaching lately, as I obey the Lord's promptings to focus on my family.  This means my books aren't moving the way they used to, which would be okay except that we're also prayerfully preparing for a possible out-of-state move. I love having books on hand for when I do events, but I'd like to clear out the boxes before we have to fill the moving truck! 
Something Else
My regency trilogy  is officially "out of print." This means you can pick up a used copy at a low price RIGHT NOW--but eventually these used copies will peter out and then the books will be scarce. Who knows? You may be getting a book in its first edition that will become valuable some day, especially considering you're getting it brand new and autographed. (I don't mean this as, MY books must become valuable! It's just that regency readers are notable book collectors. When they like a book, they keep it and talk about it. For a long time. When new readers go looking for one of my books, you'll have one!)

Who Should I Invite?
Think of people you know who are intelligent and enjoy books. Please don't ask those who are seldom online or won't open email. (Since I write for ages 12-99, this should be easy!)

Here's an email template: 
(Either download the doc using this link, or copy and paste this into the email you send your friends/family/reading buddies, etc.)


I just wanted to let you know that an author I like is running a subscriber drive, and giving away free books as an incentive. Linore Rose Burkard writes Inspirational Romance. Her books are good clean fun-- and historically accurate. She's asking me to send five friends her way to subscribe to her quarterly email newsletter, and her blog, Woman of Faith. (You don't have to be a woman to enjoy either, by the way!) If I get her five more subscribers, I win a book! It's that simple.
Linore won't spam you, share your email, or otherwise pester you--she promises! If you'll subscribe to these two venues (her website and blog) I will win a free copy of one of her books, and I'd love that! Also, once you subscribe, you can send five people her way and win a book, too!
Subscribe to these two places: (You must join BOTH for me to get a book)

1.Linore Burkard's website (  A pop-up form will appear. Enter your email)
2. Woman of Faith Blog ( Enter your email into the box on the right side.) And that's it!

Also, since I need five people to subscribe to win a book, could you please let me know  if you've become a subscriber? (Just hit reply and say "I've subscribed!"  And if you choose not to, I'll need to know so I can invite other friends!)
Thanks so much for helping me win a book! I honestly think you'll enjoy Linore's beautifully illustrated newsletters full of historical tid-bits, and her blog has book reviews, recommendations, devotions, news-alerts and even recipes!  
Click the links above to subscribe, and thanks again!
(Your name)
 (Your full mailing address, for me, since you've copied me in on the email.)

(You can include this graphic in your email if you like!)

 One Last Thing

If you're interested, you can request my very first book, which is the print-on-demand version of, Before the Season Ends. (I can honor this request as long as copies last.) If you're a writer and have the Harvest House edition, you may find it worthwhile to see the changes that were made before they took the book to print. Many of the changes were done by me, but some of them were done by Harvest House editors.  If you've considered (or are considering) self-publishing, you'll have a "before" and "after" copy of one book to compare versions. Notice what changes were made and ask yourself, Why? Did the change improve the book? What can I learn here for my own writing? 

I'll share updates on the subscriber drive here on the blog as well as in my next newsletter which I hope to have in your in-box before the end of the month. In the meantime, send out those emails and let me send you a free book!

Gratefully Yours,



Below is a re-post from something I wrote for Tiffany Amber Stockton's blog recently, which, if you haven't already seen, I thought you'd enjoy.

Me with my two oldest girls, a few years back. Like my wallpapers? I do all the wallpapering in our home!

Last spring, while I was working on a book called Ship of Dreams,
  my 9th grade daughter called from school one day. (She is the younger one in the picture, above.)
"Mom, I missed the bus. Could you pick me up?"
"Okay, honey."
"But could you wait a few minutes, like, say, twenty to thirty minutes, and then get me?"
"Sure, honey."
I hung up with the happy reassurance that I had more time to go on writing the scene from my novel that was actually rather thrilling. It was a pivotal scene in the book. WELL...
About an hour later the phone rang.
"BETH! Oh my gosh! I'm sorry! I'm on my way!"
And thus goes the life of a writer. If she had wanted me to get her immediately I could have done that, no problemo.
But to let me get back into a pivotal scene of my current work-in-progress? Uh-oh.
A writer has to be living the scene if she or he wants it to be believable. For me, I have to be living it in order to write it at all.
Once I had her in the car on the way home, my daughter looked at me with a miffed expression.
"So, what happened?"
"Bethany," I explained patiently, "You have to understand. I was on the Titanic with more than 1,000 passengers who were going down!"
She looked at me for a moment, thinking, and slowly smiled. "Okay, mom. I get it."

For more on the life (or, er, the imagination of) a writer, see my blog post on The Writing Life,

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Writing Life (And Announcement of BOOK WINNER)

I rushed to my husband's study this morning and cried, "Honey! I just had the most horrible experience!"
He works from home, but after such a dire announcement turned to give me his attention, his eyes widening.
"What happened!"

"I weighed myself.
I'm two pounds heavier than last week!"
He slumped a little and turned back to the screen, but he was smiling just enough for me to catch it.
"Didn't you already have coffee today?"
"Yes. But that's two pounds heavier after subtracting for that."
(I had actually enjoyed two cups of the stuff, so I figured a pound was reasonable to subtract.)
"Well," he said, "watch what you eat today."
I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I will."

Somehow, I felt better.

As a writer, I create drama all the time out of the littlest things. I see this tendency in my daughters and wonder, Where on earth did they get that from?
(Shrug) Guess it's a mystery.

And now, on to something that matters: The winner of a book! Last week, I left a post asking commenters to share something they're thankful for.  Anyone who commented was entered in a drawing to win any one book that I've written--winner's choice.

I did not try to weigh the comments and choose the best.
(I do enough weighing!)
 Besides, any reason for gratitude is a good reason--our God is always worthy to be praised and thanked. 

Using,the winner of the drawing is:
Kelly Ropson

Congratulations, Kelly!
You can choose from any of my published books and I'll either mail you a copy or send you a free kindle--again, your choice.

To see my regency series:
THE COUNTRY HOUSE COURTSHIP (each with sample chapters),
 check out this page of my website:

To see my Kindle shorts ("novelettes") use the following links:

I'll be in touch via email to get your choice. JUST IN CASE you're one of those wonderful people who have already read all of my books ,you can choose to be surprised. I'll send you a book by a different Christian novelist that you're sure to enjoy. It will be one I've read and can vouch for! Thank you, everyone who participated in this giveaway, and be sure to sign up for the blog (on the right) so you'll know when I do my next one. Warmest Blessings, Linore

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Devo Monday is Back! With thoughts today from Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Believing God
Nancy Leigh DeMoss: “We have no right to be believed so long as we can be explained.” Pastor Adrian Rogers said that at a conference years ago, and it’s stuck with me. “We have no right to be believed so long as we can be explained.” 

A lot of what takes place in the Christian world today can be easily explained in human terms. We rely on natural human efforts and energy, human abilities and plans. 

But have you ever wondered what would happen if God’s people began to operate in the realm of the supernatural? What if we believed Him for the impossible: for broken marriages to be healed? For salvation for unbelieving friends? For transformation of wayward children? For a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit in genuine revival? 

When the world begins to see the reality of God’s power in our lives, when we can no longer be explained, we’ll have earned the right to be believed. 

What do you think? Does this make sense to you?  

I think it's good food for thought, but consider this: The story of my life is God coming in and making something beautiful of my mess. It can't be explained in human terms alone; Unfortunately, to many people, this STILL isn't enough.

I agree that the unexplainable helps point to the reality of God, but the truth is that people will not believe unless the Spirit draws them--no matter what. When I consider that the crowds which cried out for the crucifixion of Jesus may very well have witnessed some of his "unexplainable" miracles, it just goes to show that having the right to be believed doesn't mean it's always going to happen.

I know many Christians who DO "operate in the realm of the supernatural." Personally, I have believed God for miracles in this life and seen them happen! It doesn't make my unbelieving friend or sister turn to faith, though. And this is a good thing. It doesn't depend on me, whether or not they come to Christ. It is only by the power of the Holy Spirit that blind eyes can be opened. (Whew!)

Come, Holy Spirit; open blind eyes to see the beauty of the Lord!  

Warmest Blessings,


Friday, August 03, 2012

New Fiction-- By Me!


It's FICTION FRIDAY and I'm so excited to let you know that my new short story HER ONE TRUE SOLDIER is available for instant download from Kindle.

It's about 57 pages, but you could read it in a single day at the beach, by the pool, or in your car while someone else drives (say, if you're going on vacation and have a long drive ahead).

Last week we returned from South Carolina from the home of a fellow writer, and I was tickled pink to see how quickly the hours flew past since I had my handy Kindle with me. In fact, I also had my laptop and I did one of my final edits for this story during that trip. 

I don't know about you, but I get bored easily and I need to keep myself occupied. I took time out to fawn over the fabulous mountain views we passed along the way, but I have to admit I love that technology came along with me in the car. 

The Kindle has "whisper net" and works from almost anywhere. (If you need it to. Once you download books to the device, you no longer need to be online.) Same goes for the Kindle app on your pc or iphone.  Entire manuscripts come along with me, too, either on a thumb drive or on my net-book. 

My limit to the "take technology with you" idea is that I won't buy a DVD player for the car for the kids. They get more than enough media time at home. I believe kids need time to just think. A little boredom, even, won't hurt them. 

Anyway, if you're traveling soon, or just want to curl up somewhere at home with a cozy read, try my new novelette. If you're a member of Amazon PRIME you can even borrow it, as at a library. 

So very much,
Warmest Blessings,

PS: If you read the story, I'd love to know your thoughts. Did you love Daniel by the end? Or, like my passionate 15 yr.old, did you think he "deserves to die!"  Leave a comment and let me know. I'll answer all responses.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Something Extra: Coffee-Banana Breakfast Shake

(This is where the "practically usable" of my blog heading comes in!)

Being an author doesn't mean I've abandoned my kitchen. I made such a scrumptious breakfast today that I have to share it with you:
Before I give the recipe, let me suggest a few tips you can put into practice so that whipping up healthy shakes like this are a snap.


1. Never discard a banana. When they start to brown more than you like, peel them, cut roughly into large chunks and freeze in a sandwich or freezer bag. These are perfect for shakes.

2. Got extra coffee in the pot? Don't dump it. Let it cool a bit, take an ice cube tray and fill it with coffee instead of water. Freeze. Empty coffee ice cubes into a plastic bag. Keep it near your frozen banana chunks.

3. Have a good protein powder mix on hand. I get mine from Dr. Mercola. They're pricey but the quality is assured and they come in various flavors. For today's shake I used the Banana Whey Protein Powder, but any flavor of your choice would work.

4. A good blender or food processor should be on your counter.

With these tips in place, it takes only a minute to whip up a wonderful summer breakfast that is healthy and filling. Note: To some people, coffee isn't healthy. I love the stuff and drink about three cups a day. Use your discretion. Note #2: To others, bananas are too carb-filled. Use sparingly. End of notes. :)

Coffee-Banana Breakfast Shake

6 to 12 coffee ice cubes
1 small frozen banana
1-2 scoops protein powder
1 cup coconut milk (or milk of your choice.)
A couple of dashes of 1/2 and 1/2 (optional. I like my shakes rich.)
Cinnamon powder to dust the top

Place coffee cubes in blender or processor and crush. Add the frozen banana, coconut milk and protein powder. Use CHOP or CRUSH setting for the banana, and then switch to STIR. Your drink should come out all thick and frothy. Sprinkle the top with cinnamon powder.

If you use 12 coffee ice cubes you could split this into two servings. Otherwise, have a tall glass ready!