Wednesday, December 10, 2014

9 Short Things to Write in Christmas Cards (And a GIVEAWAY!)

If, like me, you are a Christian, meaning you know Christ, it follows that when you send out Christmas greetings you don't want it to be merely a greeting.

We who know Him want to share the joy of this season, the beauty and miracle and sheer JOY of His being Emmanuel--God with us. But how do we do that in a simple card when no one wants to read a lengthy devotion or message? Below are a couple of suggestions, things you can use to hopefully tug at a heart or knock at a conscience.

The Holy Spirit can use anything to speak to someone's heart. We know Scripture is alive and able to pierce through to the dividing of soul and spirit, but the usual Christmas Scriptures are so familiar, even to non-believers, that they lose their power unless someone reads them openly, with focus.

So, in addition to the usual Scriptures seen on many Christmas cards--that unbelievers routinely ignore--try some of the following little sayings.  (How do I know they ignore them? Because they don't convert! Anyone who truly understands the truth of God coming to Earth to save his or her soul from hell would convert in a second--if they're sensible.)  Every Christmas I struggle to find a terse, tight, meaningful nugget of truth to put in my cards to family and friends. And for the most part, I actually dislike the use of little pithy sayings without a fuller explanation of the deep truths behind them, but let's remember we're talking Christmas cards here.   

So here are a few I've used, and will use: 
(Either inside the card, or on the outside envelope where even postal workers might see them--choose your weapon.) :)


2. Got peace? Jesus IS the Prince of Peace! Isaiah 9:6

3.  WISE Men Still Seek Him! (The FOOL has said in his heart, "There is no God.") Ps.14:1

4. He came as a child but left through the clouds. Know any other babies like that? Didn't think so. 

5. Why are Christians so fanatical, so in love, with God?  Because He first loved us! "While we were yet sinners, Christ DIED for the ungodly." (Romans 5:6)  That means ME. That means YOU.


7. Don't spend CHRISTmas without CHRIST. 

8. CHRISTMAS: A reminder of His coming, but have you thought about 
His returning? When He comes again, will you know Him? 

9. LOVE HAS COME! Do you know this love? Come to the One who came to die for you, so that
    when you come to death you will live for Him. (Avoiding what the Bible calls the "second death," an eternity apart from God, in hell. That's why we call it being SAVED!) 

Will some people take offense if you use any of these sayings? Probably. People who deny truth are often offended by it. And the message of the cross engenders deep offense because it calls people out on their sin. They miss the fact that it also gives them a clear and free forgiveness of that sin, but here's another thing to remember: Not everyone WANTS forgiveness, because they don't want to change.

Our responsibility is to share the truth, not control what people do with it.
I hope some of these sayings will help you do that in a small way this Christmas.

What about you? Got a little pithy message you put in Christmas cards, or which would be suitable for us to do so? Share your suggestions in a comment. If I like one enough to use in my next year's Christmas cards (this year is done already) I'll award a free book and one bar of dark chocolate to the commenter.
Can't wait to see what others put in their cards!

Winner will choose ONE of the following: 


AND get a bar of organic dark chocolate, my favorite kind.