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Metamorphosis of a Novel, Part III

In the last two posts, we saw how my novel Before the Season Ends, was transformed from its first, self-published edition to a new one with Harvest House Publishers. The book was well received and so popular with many Christian authors that a bunch of them went on to write regencies themselves.

Today, I'll show two other editions of the book from Harvest House Publishers.

1. The Self Published Edition

2. The Harvest House Edition
I loved this cover. The model captured Ariana perfectly.(Mr. Mornay, not!)  


And here's the other editions from Harvest House (Yea, Harvest House! They were great to work with, by the way, and wonderful to do so many editions of the book. They've got great people over there. My editor, Nick Harrison, has moved on from being a Senior Editor with them to a literary agent with WordServe Literary.)  

3. Large Print Edition
This is a hard back, beautiful version of the book.

4. Before the Season Ends--Russian Edition

There may be a book club edition also;  I have a copy of the sequel in a hardcover book club edition, but couldn't find it for this one. (If YOU have a book club edition of  Before the Season Ends, please send me a picture! Thank you.)  There were also, of course, kindle, Nook, and EPub editions.  

I have to say that getting letters from Russian readers was thrilling. Each one was incredibly SWEET. They seem to be the nicest people you could ever want to meet. (At least, the readers of historical romance are!)

I've been privileged and blessed with this book and its "metamorphoses."


Here's the latest Lilliput Press edition--newly revised and edited, with some new content added, a bonus recipe and bigger glossary. There's also a foreword from Nick Harrison, the editor who acquired the book for Harvest House.

The new imprint has been accepted into the Library of Congress and the LCCN# has now been added to the copyright page. (So excited about that!)   


Next stop: Audible! (ACX) The cover is already prepared. :) 

If you're published, do you have books that have gone through a metamorphosis? Self-pubbed to traditional? If it's a clean read, leave your links so we can take a look. Thanks!

Warmest Blessings,


Tip for Writers:
1. Do you have a book that is with a publisher but out of print? See if you can get the rights reverted back to you. (The conditions under which you can do this are probably in your contract.) By getting back the rights, you can edit your original work--if desired--and give a book new life!  I've mentioned how Harvest House was so easy to work with. This was another instance where that was true. I had merely to send a letter requesting the rights to my three books with them, and I got them back. You will get legal documentation of this so that there is no question of copyright infringement when you re-publish.    


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Metamorphosis of a Novel, Continued (Part II)

                                       Did you miss part one of the Metamorphosis of a Novel? 
Catch it here.

Before the Season Ends

2nd Edition with Harvest House, above, right 
In my last post I discussed the earliest, self-published edition of the book, above left
Nowadays, we are told that if a book is self-published, it can never be picked up by a traditional publisher. 

I'm glad the editor that picked up my book for Harvest House, Nick Harrison, didn't believe that! 

Here's what happened: 2006-2008 

After I followed the Lord's leading and got my book into print, I spent the next two + years taking courses on marketing and promotion. I learned rudiments of platform building, and the importance of sprinkling the net with one's URL and book image. A lot of what I learned is no longer applicable, and I paid big bucks to learn it. (For instance, how to organize an Amazon best seller campaign via joint-venture marketing and email blasts. Basically, this is where you offer a ton of bonuses so people will buy your book in large numbers and it will shoot to the top of the sales ranking.)

That method used to work, but it wasn't for me. Amazon has since discouraged such campaigns and will work against you if they discover you're trying to work the system that way. (Just in case you're thinking it sounds like a good idea!) I also learned about leaving marks across the web--sort of like saying "Linore was here,"  except it's more polite than that. You find sites that have content related to your book and leave a well-written article with your name and website URL.

At the same time that I was busily spreading my website link and book image all over the web. (Read: Writing articles like mad that related to Regency England, since my book is a regency; spreading these articles onto as many online article banks as I could find, and building my email list and website) an editor was looking around for a Christian regency.
Coincidence? I think not.
When God told me to get moving on my "almost blunted purpose," He knew the timing was important.

So Nick found me and my book. In fact, his email said he was looking around for a Christian regency and "I keep running into you and your book." He politely asked me if I would send him a copy.

So I immediately went out and mailed it first-class, right? An editor from Harvest House! One of the top five Christian publishers! But no--not thick-headed me. I thought, "What if he hates it?" And I procrastinated. Again!

Nick, God bless him, sent me a reminder email. So I put together a cover letter and sent him a book.
He liked it so well he pitched it to his marketing committee. He warned me not to get my hopes up.
But soon enough Harvest House sent me a contract!
2008 Edition with Harvest House Publishers
I told Nick he was my publishing hero. I think it sort of embarrassed him, but I still think of him that way. Eventually, Harvest House gave me contracts for two more books, which are sequels to Before the Season Ends. But it all started with them because of Nick.  

PS: Small wonder Nick found me then, not only because I'd worked so hard to BE found, but because there were NO other Christian regencies at the time! That was why I wrote the book in the first place. I'm grateful that Nick was also interested in bringing this wonderful genre to Christian readers. He wrote the foreword of the newest edition and talks about that himself--but I get ahead of myself.

To Be Continued...Next time--a couple of wonderful editions, thanks to Harvest House.    

Read an EXCERPT from Before the Season Ends HERE.

Need a copy? Purchase the book HERE.

Today's Writing Tip:
 Platform building can feel endless, but if you put the right foundational pieces into place, it will stay there and last for a long time--and serve you well with potential editors, agents, or media.  Social media posts come and go. Learn the foundational building blocks to make a good platform. I gave a thorough webinar on this. (If you want to view the webinar, there is a small fee. Please email me Linore (at) LinoreBurkard (dot) com. and I'll send you the link.)

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The Metamorphosis of a Novel, Part One

The First Edition

With the release of the new edition of my first novel, Before the Season Ends, I thought it might interest some of you to follow its journey since I first wrote "the end." In this post and the next few, I'll be sharing the many published versions there are of this one novel. (Three are with Harvest House alone).
Each post will have tips for writers at the end.

Year: 1990s-2003

1st Edition 2005
Indie Excellence Finalist Award
There's a saying that goes like this: If you can't find the book you want to read, write it yourself.

That is exactly what spurred me to write my first novel. I hoped and waited for years for someone else to write a "real" Christian regency, but it never happened. When I read some that fell woefully short, I thought, I could do better than that. So I did.

Here's how it happened:
Once I realized that in order to read a "real" Christian regency, I would have to write it myself, I spent hours and hours at the library in their reference department, scouring resource material. (Today's authors don't realize how easy they have it now! What is a click away for them, sometimes took hours for me to dig up.) I was determined to get my research right.

Meanwhile,  I had three young labors of love called children, so library--or writing time--was hard to come by. But I would try to get alone at night and work on various literary labors of love--one of which became Before the Season Ends. My husband watched the kids upstairs while I wrote at a desk in a little basement bedroom in our house on Long Island. But there were also days when I scribbled scenes as a toddler crawled across my lap. (The difficulty of carving out time to write made me work harder at it, I think, than if I had had all the hours in the world to do it.)

Little by little the book took shape. After my fourth child was born, I kept up my sporadic attempts to finish a novel. Just about the time I finished it, we moved to Ohio. I spent years homeschooling and dabbling with other books, but I couldn't get away from Before the Season Ends. I spent a year  editing the book with such skill as I had. (Not as much as I've acquired.)

The Game Changer
I began praying about how to get it published. I knew NOTHING about the world of publishing, agents, etc. I did some poking around and decided to send it to two publishers. One--a major Christian publisher--expressed interest and requested the full manuscript, but later turned it down. That close call discouraged me. Nowadays, I would know that when you're seeking to get a book published, you either use an agent, or you query as many publishers as you can find who accept unsolicited manuscripts in your genre. But after only two rejections, I was (foolishly) discouraged and ready to quit. Except that the Lord wouldn't let me.

Little Holy Nudges
I love to tell this story. Here's how God nudged me not to give up on the book. In college, as an English Lit. major, I read my fair share of Shakespeare. In Hamlet, the ghost of the dead king nudges his son to kill the usurper who has not only stolen his crown and his wife, but murdered him to boot. He wants Hamlet to avenge his death but has to remind the famous procrastinator of
"thine almost blunted purpose." Well, oddly enough, God kept reminding me of "thine almost blunted purpose." It would have been startling, except I already knew the Lord has an exquisite sense of humor. I knew, too, exactly what "purpose" He was talking about: my book! It took me years to figure out why He chose a line from Hamlet, however: (in retrospect, it's painfully obvious) Because, like that poor prince, I was an expert procrastinator! After those first rejections, I'd done nothing to get the book published.

There were two wonderful things that came of His reminders.
1. I knew HE cared about the book!
2. I realized it was no less than my purpose (one of them, anyway) to get it out there! 

With incentive coming from God himself, I had the courage to look around some more. I settled upon a Christian self-publishing company (never even considered querying more traditional publishers--you'd think with divine inspiration I would have; but no, because I'm about as thick-headed as they come.) In any case, the first edition was born, and was a finalist in The Indie Exellence Contest. (See picture above)

(To Be Continued...)

WHAT I LEARNED (Tips for Writers)
1. Don't scrimp on research. If I did anything right, it was being meticulous about this.
2. Don't be too quick to give up! The publishing world is tough to break into, but not impossible. 
3. Commit your work to the Lord. And let Him direct its path. 
4. Be flexible. Your perfect vision for how and when your book gets published may not be God's plan for that work.
5. Nowadays, the old-style vanity publisher should be a last resort unless the writer only wants to publish for friends and family. As a publisher myself, I help authors who want to get their books into print--but I would caution any writer from going with a company who will print anything. Back then, I didn't know better. Even so, when I got the galleys, I made endless changes--all costing me--but I was aiming for excellence. If editing and/or book doctoring isn't part of the deal, run, don't walk, in another direction. (And that book still needed editing--don't scrimp on that, either.)  

Click here to see the latest, newly updated and edited release of Before the Season Ends

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The Mad, Mad, World Giveaway Winner!

Much thanks to all of you for your marvelous comments in this giveaway--such fun!

Using, the winner drawn is CAT WILKE. 

Congratulations, Cat!

Please choose a book from my regency series:  

Stay tuned next week as I share "The Metamorphosis of a Novel" and run another giveaway.

I'll be showing the various editions of my first novel, telling a little "behind the scenes" info. about each one. I'll hold another drawing for a free book. 

In the meantime, if you haven't seen the hilarious comments from the original post, take a look. (It will give you a chuckle or two.)

See you soon!


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The Mad, Mad World of Authors and Book Giveaway


Note: I'm back to blogging. I'll still send out newsletters with all the varied content you've come to expect, but I can link to articles here and write more for those who care to read it.

Such as this...

The Mad, Mad, World of Authors

I was on the phone with a dear author friend of mine--who will remain nameless because of what I'm about to share. She's multi-published, and, like me, has a zillion ideas more than she'll ever be able to write. We can talk for hours about all the writing we're doing, would like to do, and hope to do--as well as other creative projects.

During our last call, she had me laughing silly when she shared that one day she'd been thinking about one of her books and suddenly had a brain freeze. She couldn't remember the title. This was a book SHE WROTE. It was published by a small press and has been out for years--but she couldn't recall the exact title.

I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes--mostly because it struck a chord. I should explain that we authors like to refer to our books in shorthand. For instance, Before the Season Ends, (my newest re-release) is simply B.T.S.E. to me. The sequel, The House in Grosvenor Square, is THIGS. So my friend could only remember the acronym of her book.

When I recently revisited my earlier books to edit them for new editions, I was delighted by some of my own writing as if reading it for the first time. Now--authors grow and improve in their craft, just like people in other fields. So I also saw things that did not delight me--which is why I can say the series has been "newly edited." But the fact remains that we often forget our own words.

Sometimes even our book titles.

Not Just Books

I once had to leave a cart full of groceries at the store because back then I used a debit card and suddenly could not remember my PIN number. I drove to the bank, and there discovered--horrors--I still needed that same PIN number to withdraw cash. And my brain freeze hadn't cleared yet. In the end, I had to go into the bank to withdraw cash and then return to the store to check out our groceries.

You can see why I laughed so hard when my friend couldn't remember her book title. I can relate all too well.

Book Giveaway

You don't need to be an author to have the occasional brain freeze. When was the last time it happened to you? Was it your phone number, your son's birthday, or maybe even the title of a book you've written? Share your answer in the comments and I'll draw one winner to get a copy of the just-released new edition of Before the Season Ends, or, The House in Grosvenor Square, both  heartwarming romances. (Enter the drawing even if you've read the old editions. You'll enjoy the new ones even more.)

Leave a comment to enter the drawing for a free copy!
PS: Don't forget to leave your contact info so I can notify you if you win! Leave email addresses like this: (for example) YourName (at) yourserver (dot) com. --so internet trolls can't glean your info.

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Is Jane Austen a Great Writer?

By Linore Rose Burkard

Quora is growing in popularity. What is Quora? A forum where anyone can ask a question to the world (the world as registered on the site, that is) and expect an answer. The good thing about Quora is that you can ask any question you want, and you might learn a thing or two while browsing answers. The bad thing is that anyone can answer your question—not only experts, but anyone—and the only possible “vetting” is by popularity: people either upvote an answer if they like it, or downvote it if they do not. An upvote doesn’t mean the answer is necessarily correct.  It just means the viewer liked it and voted for it.


Monday, September 11, 2017

The following is a guest post by Gerry Greene, a friend and poet who, along with his wife, recently visited the memorial to Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.

As we remember the devastation, the losses, the courage and the lessons learned that day for our country, I thought it would be fitting to share his touching tribute.

The Martyrs on Flight 93

I opened the door for my wife and followed her onto the concrete deck, overlooking the valley of sacrifice.
She took my hand as she stepped onto the hard packed gravel path between the newly planted memorial trees.
We walked in silence as tears evaporated slowly in gentle breeze.
The miniscule stones crunched beneath our feet with a reassuring sound, on this two mile circle of love for the patriotic
martyrs on flight 93.

The Wall of Names
The building behind us with long lines of people told the story of heros at this place,
with recordings and pictures of grownups and children, who flew in that plane on that 9/11 day.
One wife told her husband, "Be brave" on the cell phone, just before he ended the call.
He then stood and confronted the evil intruders who held captive the 
martyrs on flight 93.

We walked for a mile toward the left and around the large circle that led us to the now hallowed ground.
The foot bridge over water, representing to me technology of flight to benefit man, 
delivered us to the remote parking lot, for those unable to make the mile-long walk.
A few yards further stood the wall of remembrance with names of the 
martyrs on flight 93.

I sat on a bench by a man who was resting--who seemed to be eager to make conversation.
He told of his friend from Hawaii, a lady, who flew from Pittsburgh on that warm fateful day.
A celebration journey was hers as she traveled, expanding her business with purchases of new products along the way,
not knowing she had joined these 
martyrs on flight 93.

Memorial Boulder marks the point of impact

In spite of the 16 year interval of silence, his pain for her surfaced as he talked of his friend,
and this was the first time he'd come to this place in her honor, while I listened in sorrow as he pointed to a boulder 
beyond the white fence and told me of its purpose and what it represents.
The marker he said, is the point of their impact, of the 
martyrs on flight 93.

I stood in silence before a name on the wall and the woman to my left began talking to me.
She told of the man that the marble slab represented and of his friendship to her extended family.
This was no longer just a name chisled on the wall, but a person of kindness who made a difference now affecting me.
I grieved with this lady as she suffered while thinking of the heroic 
martyrs on flight 93.

We finished the walk on the gravel without speaking, as it wound through black-eyed susans and wild flowers surrounding
the path to the building at the top of the hill. A wall of stone stood next to the building--showing the direction of the flight path that day.
My mind tried to process emerging emotions as I lingered, looking back at the precious memorial of 
martyrs on flight 93.

Wildflower Meadow behind boulder

copyright Gerald E. Greene, 2017

Takeaway: Please pray for the peace of our nation, and for an end to radical Islamic terrorism (and all terrorism), so no more events such as those that occurred on 9/11 will happen again.