Metamorphosis of a Novel, Part III

In the last two posts, we saw how my novel Before the Season Ends, was transformed from its first, self-published edition to a new one with Harvest House Publishers. The book was well received and so popular with many Christian authors that a bunch of them went on to write regencies themselves.

Today, I'll show two other editions of the book from Harvest House Publishers.

1. The Self Published Edition

2. The Harvest House Edition
I loved this cover. The model captured Ariana perfectly.(Mr. Mornay, not!)  


And here's the other editions from Harvest House (Yea, Harvest House! They were great to work with, by the way, and wonderful to do so many editions of the book. They've got great people over there. My editor, Nick Harrison, has moved on from being a Senior Editor with them to a literary agent with WordServe Literary.)  

3. Large Print Edition
This is a hard back, beautiful version of the book.

4. Before the Season Ends--Russian Edition

There may be a book club edition also;  I have a copy of the sequel in a hardcover book club edition, but couldn't find it for this one. (If YOU have a book club edition of  Before the Season Ends, please send me a picture! Thank you.)  There were also, of course, kindle, Nook, and EPub editions.  

I have to say that getting letters from Russian readers was thrilling. Each one was incredibly SWEET. They seem to be the nicest people you could ever want to meet. (At least, the readers of historical romance are!)

I've been privileged and blessed with this book and its "metamorphoses."


Here's the latest Lilliput Press edition--newly revised and edited, with some new content added, a bonus recipe and bigger glossary. There's also a foreword from Nick Harrison, the editor who acquired the book for Harvest House.

The new imprint has been accepted into the Library of Congress and the LCCN# has now been added to the copyright page. (So excited about that!)   


Next stop: Audible! (ACX) The cover is already prepared. :) 

If you're published, do you have books that have gone through a metamorphosis? Self-pubbed to traditional? If it's a clean read, leave your links so we can take a look. Thanks!

Warmest Blessings,


Tip for Writers:
1. Do you have a book that is with a publisher but out of print? See if you can get the rights reverted back to you. (The conditions under which you can do this are probably in your contract.) By getting back the rights, you can edit your original work--if desired--and give a book new life!  I've mentioned how Harvest House was so easy to work with. This was another instance where that was true. I had merely to send a letter requesting the rights to my three books with them, and I got them back. You will get legal documentation of this so that there is no question of copyright infringement when you re-publish.    



English Lady said...

Wait, did you say Audible? There is going to be an Audible edition!? Ohhh, any news on when? Fantastic news.
I have used paperbacks of all 3 Harvest House editions, and Kindle editions (older ones, since I purchased them a few years back), but Audible editions help me get through my TBR pile more quickly.

Linore Burkard said...

Yes! Doing Audible editions is on the schedule for all three in the series. LATER in the year, unfortunately. Sometimes the process goes quickly, so we'll hope for that. Thanks for your support and your interest in the Audible versions. Much appreciated.

By the way, since you bought the old editions, the new ones should be available for you at very reduced prices through Amazon. There's new dialogue, more romance (particularly in Grosvenor Square), recipes in the back, and bigger glossaries. I think the new editions might only be .99 or $1.99 if you've previously purchased the other versions. Grosvenor Square also has a map showing where Ariana and Mr. Mornay live in Mayfair. :)