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Pre-Christmas Sale!

For Book-lovers Only (Especially Regency fans)

My Three Book Set of the Regency Trilogy is on Sale for Christmas Giving, Pre-Wrapped and Autographed.

My family is prayerfully preparing to move out of state, so I'm willing to let go of my last stock (which I've never offered on sale before like this because I LIKE having them around for things like workshops I teach, writer's meetings and other book signing events and so on).

Each set INCLUDES:

Before the Season Ends--A young woman of faith must navigate the treacherous waters of a London Season while her wealthy, social-climbing aunt schemes to marry her off to an eligible blue-blood. 

The House in Grosvenor Square--Follows the story of Ariana Forsythe from Before the Season Ends, as she contemplates marriage, fends off foes, and encounters mysterious goings-on in the house in Grosvenor Square!

The Country House Courtship--Ariana and husband are safely ensconced in their country estate; but younger sister Beatrice has lessons to learn and a courtship to consider--from two different gentlemen! Which man deserves to win her heart?

The Regency Trilogy is a three-book experience of life and love during the Regency--that most "Jane Austenesque" of eras. The drawing-room manners, speech and modes of fashion will thrill your history loving heart, while the romance will warm your womanly soul.

1. It's on SALE!  The retail total for the set would be $41. My sale price is only $22, including gift-wrapping.
2. Print copies are getting hard to find. My publisher has stopped printing them. Amazon is practically sold out. Who knows if they'll ever go into a second printing? I certainly don't count on that happening. 
3. I'll autograph them to you or your gift recipient, and you won't even have to wrap them! 
4. They'll arrive ready to proudly sit beneath anyone's tree. (Each package is different, but the pictures above are indicative of how they will look.)  No worry or stress on your part.
5.  It's EARLY. You can tackle that gift list right now and spend more time on cooking, baking, going to seasonal events, or whatever it is you like to spend your time doing other than shopping. (Like READING?) :)

I will send the books anywhere in the US for the flat fee of $5.50 (contiguous US). You could order a set for Grandma or Aunt Mable  and I can both autograph and mail it directly to her.

Start check-out right here, below:  

Autograph the books to:
Autograph to:
Get your order in while quantities last!

IMPORTANT: QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED!  As I said, I'm depleting my own stock of books

Before You Go:

There's still time for you to leave a comment and enter the drawing for a free copy of Ray Comfort's book GOD HAS A WONDERFUL PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE: THE MYTH OF THE MODERN MESSAGE. Go to this blog post and get in on the drawing! Book winner will be picked after November 30th.  

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Contest Winner & New Contest!

to Karen K.!

Karen, you've just won a copy of Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana, by Anne Rice. I sincerely hope you enjoy the book.

New Giveaway

Last week I shared two new (to me) treats to keep me on the path of eating well despite all the temptations that surround us this time of year.

I spoke about planning "cheats" into your healthy lifestyle, such as my favorite, dark chocolate, because no eating plan will work if you aren't enjoying it.

Now I'd like to hear from you.

Do you have a favorite guilt-free product you enjoy? Something you consider a treat for the taste-buds but don't have to feel terrible about eating (or drinking) afterwards?It could be a short recipe of your own or just point us at a product you love. I'll pick one winner from among those who leave a comment,  to win GOD HAS A WONDERFUL PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE: THE MYTH OF THE MODERN MESSAGE, by Ray Comfort.

DOES God have a wonderful plan for your life? According to His perfect plan, yes. According to what OUR idea of wonderful is, maybe not. This is a provocative, thoughtful little book that I think you'll really appreciate. I'm a fan of Ray Comfort's but I recently found that I'd bought two copies of this book by accident, so I have a brand new one to give away to one of YOU.

Leave a comment and share a favorite healthy treat. It could be something you make yourself or just grab from the shelf of a grocery or natural foods store.

When you leave a comment, include your email address so I can contact you if you win, like this: Linore(at)linoreburkard(dot)com.

I look forward to what you'll share! We all need some great ideas to help us not to pack on pounds at the upcoming holiday gatherings. 
Thanks, and Warmest Blessings,

Linore  (Click here to see some regency-era illustrations such as those below. Scroll past the calendar of events)

Do you love the Regency? Visit my Pinterest page to browse the boards loaded with period illustrations, costume, and more!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The New Self-Publishing: Is It For You?

Part of what I do as an author is help other writers.
I do that by teaching workshops with Greater Harvest Workshops here in Ohio; as well as by speaking and teaching at other writerly events.
When not speaking in person, I often blog about writing. Not so much here on my own blog since it isn't primarily for writers. This space is for me to connect with you, my readers.

Today, however, I'm sharing a recent post I wrote for the American Christian Fiction Writers Ohio Chapter, even though it IS an article for writers. Many of you are writers as well as readers; some are interested in writing even though you haven't quite tried your hand at it, yet. And today's proliferation of hype about self-publishing has some of you wondering if perhaps it might be a viable option for you at some point.

There is a great deal to say on the subject of self-publishing. Nevertheless, I hazard simplifying it with the following introduction.

The New Self-Publishing: Is It For You? 


 More writers than ever are curious about self-publishing today, and little wonder: With the abundance of newer, inexpensive options for getting one's work "out there," combined with the traditionally long, arduous process of finding a paying publisher, it seems like a viable option.  I thought I'd help those who may be considering self-publishing to think through some of the ramifications.

 (I can do this because I've been in both worlds: I started out self-published and then got picked up by Harvest House Publishers, who went on to contract my regency trilogy.)

My Self-published book
My book with Harvest House
What I'm giving you here is the starting point of one of the workshops I teach at Greater Harvest Workshops. (Self-Publishing: Is it For You?)

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can! (Self-Publish)
Well, Is it? 
If what you really want is the status and paycheck that comes with being published, self-publishing may not be your best choice. There is less of an industry bias today than in the past, but there is still a bias. If your imprint is not a paying publisher, it is harder to sell your books in most retail outlets, and in some cases, nearly impossible. Also, if you want books in hand (ie., in print, not just digital or ebooks), then you have to pay for them, including the costs that a traditional publisher usually coughs up, such as for good cover art, editing, back cover copy, etc. And that's just for starters.    

Today, offers a relatively easy self-publishing option, as does Smashwords and BookTango and others. In some cases, you can even get print copies, I'm told, for a reasonable sum. However, the easier it is to self-publish, the more you can count on seeing lots of terrible books that shouldn't be out there, and this is not really good for anyone. And here's the danger inherent in this model: If you don't get your work professionally edited at least once, and ideally more than once, you run the risk of putting work out there before it's polished. This could trip up your possible future in the industry unless you're careful. 

The reason there IS an industry bias is mostly because of the plethora of poorly written, unedited, unpolished manuscripts that have been self-published in the past.

Another Thing
Writers are understandably anxious to get their masterpieces into print, but here's another thing to consider before going this route. Most self-published books sell fewer than 500 copies. Even some traditionally published books sell this badly. The person who should self-publish, in my opinion, is one who knows his or her audience precisely, can market to that audience regularly, and ideally has a platform in place from which to do that marketing. For example, a homeschooling mom who travels the country going to Home School Conventions and has a curriculum to sell. She's got a website, testimonials from past customers, a way to process orders online, and knows how to get in front of her audience.

This is a huge topic, and I've barely touched the tip. 
If you are chomping at the bit to get your work published despite not having a niche market, a platform, and a fool-proof marketing plan, my advice would be to conquer your impatience, learn who your audience is, and how to market to them. Start setting up a platform. Hone your writing and look for an agent. Go to conferences and meet editors face to face. (Conferences and face-to-face time is the only real short-cut to publishing success that seems to work over and over again, for many people. There are always exceptions, and I'm one of them--but don't count on being the exception!)

If, despite the lack of platform and marketing plan, you are determined to self-publish, my advice would be to go digital. The expenses are practically nil, except for buying yourself a good editor, (possibly a content editor as well as a copy editor) a good book cover (no four-color models, please!) and are certain you have something that is salable. In many ways, the digital book explosion levels the playing field. (Not entirely, but Miss Jane Doe may be able to sell a book to an online audience if she knows how.)

The key is: IF she knows how. 
Do you?

What do you think? Can you see yourself self-publishing? If you only want to reach your own friends and family, or any particular small group of people, it may be right for you. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Warmest Blessings,


 Before You Go!

There's still time to enter this week's book drawing. 

Check it out here

 And to all my USA friends: Have a wonderful, healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

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"Before the Season Ends"--Thanksgiving!

There's always much to be thankful for. Don't forget to include gratitude on your holiday table! 

I almost forgot to share some printables with you "before the season ends." (That's the title of my first book for those wondering what the quotation marks are about.)

Are you a believer in "better late than never?" If so, please help yourself to the following autumnal print-outs.
You can use them as place tags at your thanksgiving table, bookmarks, bookplates, etc.

Here's how to use them:

1. After viewing the images here, click on the link to download the file from my website to your own desktop. Open the file and save each image you want to use to your own pc. (Desktop, or other folder of your choice.)

2. Print out on cardstock, or plain paper but use a color printer if you have the option.

3. Cut out and use! (If you print to plain paper, then after cutting out, glue to card stock or any sturdy backing.)

The book plates may not need to be glued to anything but the book you put them in. Here's what you'll find in the file:

Book Plates

Stationery. Send a last-minute invite or note.
A free sample from Dover Books. Print out on card stock or paste to sturdy backing. I love this! 

Dress for Patience.

Just a pretty picture

Another Dover Books Sample. Print out to color or give to a youngster.

Picture Frame--Or Place (Name) Tag?
Another picture frame. 

That's it for now. Get your PDF file HERE. Hope you enjoy the print-outs! 

Warmest Blessings,


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Helpful Products/ Win A Book

Before you read further--There's still time to enter my current giveaway of  CHRIST THE LORD: THE ROAD TO CANA by Anne Rice. Go here for details.  (I posted my review of this book on GOODREADS, if you're interested.)

I call this a "practically usable" blog, so now and then I like to make it practical--and usable. I thought I'd do so today by sharing a few nifty products I've recently discovered, to my delight.

As many of you may recall (because you're avidly following my every move, right? lol)  I follow a Paleo eating style. I've lost 26 pounds since I began eating this way and I feel fabulous. Because I don't eat white flour, white sugar, or most white carbs (potatoes, gluten free), I'm always on the lookout for healthy stuff I can eat. I cheat all the time, by the way, because of the difficulty of feeding a family--read: six other people who don't care to cut out all the bad stuff. I also cheat just because I want to.

To make this lifestyle work, I've learned that all you need do is follow the rule of MOST. Eat well MOST of the time. Avoid sugar and white flour MOST of the time. Then, when you cheat a little here, a little there, your body can easily handle the rogues. :) 

The other important MUST if you want to succeed at eating well is make sure that you do, in fact, eat WELL. Eat as much as you want--of the good stuff. Experiment in the kitchen. I make zucchini chips that beat potato chips. I make chocolate brownie bombs to die for and they have NO white flour or sugar in them. (Honestly: I have to hide a few from the kids or they're gone in a flash. The kids DO eat regular brownies, but I don't, so I think it's fair to set a few aside!) 
Incorporating a few "cheats" into your eating plan is well worth it to keep you on the straight and narrow the rest of the time. One of my favorite cheats is dark chocolate. The stuff is loaded with antioxidants. It seems every few weeks or so I see yet another article lauding the wonders of dark chocolate. I've tried quite a few brands, as I don't have a problem with having a tiny bit almost every day.  The best I've found to date is ENDANGERED SPECIES NATURAL DARK CHOCOLATE. (My favorite is Forest Mint.)

It's 72% Cocoa--a pretty good ratio; still sweetened with "water-filtered beet sugar," so it's important not to eat a whole bar at once. But, if you can make do with a little piece a day, then I highly recommend it. A large bar (3 oz) can last me more than a week, sometimes two.

(Next grocery trip I want to try their "Extreme" Dark Chocolate with 88% cocoa!)

In the meantime, another product I want to share with you is STEAZ ORGANIC ICED TEAS. My supermarket had these on sale or I might not have noticed them, but I was so pleased to find they are NOT artificially sweetened. (Stevia is not an artificial sweetener. And unlike sucralose, it hasn't been tinkered with by scientists to make it calorie-free.)

Every flavor I tried is truly delicious, but my favorite is peach-mango. It has a clean taste--if that makes sense. The thing about iced tea that makes it better than stevia-sweetened soda, in my opinion, is that your body really doesn't need the carbonated water of soda.

OK: Your turn! This week's giveaway book is GOD HAS A WONDERFUL PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE: The Myth of the Modern Message,  by Roy Comfort. DOES God have a wonderful plan for your life? According to His perfect plan, yes. According to what OUR idea of wonderful is, maybe not. I recently found that I'd bought two copies of this book by accident, so one of you will win a copy by leaving a comment and sharing your best healthy treat with us.

In a future post I'll even share my no-sugar, no flour brownie bomb recipe. Right now, I want to hear from you!

Warmest Blessings,

PS: In the spirit of full disclosure, I mention now and then that if I share an Amazon link, I may get a tiny affiliate payment if you order through it. I'd appreciate it if you do, as it will help support my e-newsletter, which, unlike this blog, is not free. Thanks!    

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guest Post by Steve Elliott: Post-Election Encouragement

I can't seem to get in my car and go anywhere without being newly depressed about the election. (Maybe because we haven't removed our ROMNEY/RYAN signs from the lawn,yet!) It reminds me to pray for our nation and our world. But the following is a reminder from Steve Elliott (of Grassfire Nation) of many reasons for hope. GOD can take a grievous situation and use it for good.
We are not abandoned.
 PS: Glenn Beck read most of this letter on his radio program.
From the Desk of: Steve Elliott November 7, 2012

Four more years ... of exile. But there is hope.

Dear Friend, I'm writing to you to explain why, even after a late and discouraging evening that stretched past 1:00 a.m. on the East Coast, I was back at the office before 8:00 a.m. this morning. And why the sinking feeling I felt last night has already been replaced with a deep determination. And why I'm going out to buy equipment for our new office this afternoon. And why we are going to build, build, build -- despite a stunning and, for me, unexpected defeat.
 We Just Got Pummeled. Before I go on, let's be clear: last night was a defeat, and I didn't see it coming. I expected a "Tea Party Wave" -- perhaps a 300+ electoral-vote victory for Romney. All the signs seemed to be there. The 2010 elections, the failed recall of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and even the Chick-fil-A Day pointed to a re-shaped political landscape. The polls and crowds made it clear that there was more enthusiasm with Romney. But that wave never came. The people did not rise up and reject Obama's statism. Quite the opposite -- 15 million fewer people voted, and Romney earned less votes than John McCain did four years ago.
Far Worse Than 2008 Upon reflection, what happened last night was far worse than what happened in 2008. Our first "dance" with Obama was mostly about smoke and mirrors -- "hope and change" that was never really defined. For many Americans, Obama 2008 was more an idea, an idealized dream and a collective catharsis from our dark past. But Obama 2012 was something altogether different because now we know the real Barack Obama. We watched him advance the most radical leftist agenda since at least FDR. We saw him rape and pillage the free market and impose a government takeover of industries. We witnessed him go to foreign nations and apologize for America and then leave our people alone to die in Benghazi. This time we knew Barack Obama. Yet a majority of American voters said, "More!" The opposition to Obama's agenda never really showed up at the polls. We can try to console ourselves by saying it was a close election ... that the leftist media gave Obama the election ... that we couldn't really expect a Northeastern liberal Republican to be our standard bearer ... that a bizarre hurricane swung the election. All that may be true. But it matters little now. And the less time we spend blaming each other or the trickery of the other guys the better. So here's why I'm more determined ... why I'm building.

  A 2,500-Year-Old Letter Written for Today I want to share with you a letter that, although 2,500 years old, it could have been written this morning. For us. For faithful patriots who feel like they just discovered they will have to live at least the next four years in exile. This letter was written to Jewish exiles who had been pushed out of Jerusalem and forced to live under a tyrannical ruler named Nebuchadnezzar. The exiles wanted one thing: they wanted to be re-established back in Israel. They even had a prophet named Hananiah come to them and tell them that their time of exile would only last two years. You can read about it in Jeremiah 28. Hananiah was a false prophet. He died. And so Jeremiah wrote a letter to the exiles. You've probably heard a part of that letter recited many times. It's one of the most commonly quoted passages in the entire Bible. Unfortunately, this passage is mostly taken out of its proper context and delivered as a "feel good" word that everything is going to be O.K. One of my friends was quoting this verse yesterday morning: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Those words sound so good. The future is bright. God has a plan for prosperity, for a real hope and a real future. On the eve of the election, it must have meant a Romney win, the GOP takes the Senate and we start the rollback of the Obama regime, right? Not exactly.
The Plan Was Exile Here's the shocking context of Jeremiah 29 (and I offer to you, the context for November 6, 2012): the plan was exile. That was the "plan" Jeremiah's letter was talking about. I encourage you to go read all of Jeremiah 29. Here is the immediate context: This is what the Lord says: "When seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will come to you and fulfill my good promise to bring you back to this place. For I know the plans I have for you ..." The plan was 70 years of exile. Keep that in mind the next time someone quotes Jeremiah 29:11 to encourage you that your time of trouble will soon end. Not only was the exile going to last 70 years, the exile WAS the plan! If you don't believe me, go back and read the beginning of the letter, from Jeremiah 29:4. Here you'll see the Lord (through Jeremiah) giving the Jewish exiles specific instructions on how to conduct themselves in exile: --Build houses and settle down. --Plan gardens and eat what they produce. --Marry and have sons and daughters. --Marry off your sons and daughters so they can have children. --Increase in number; do not decrease. Again, remember the context. A false prophet had just come and said the time of exile would only last two years. That prophet died. The truth is, the people will be in exile for 70 years. And the directive is to build families, grow businesses, think trans-generationally and increase.
Seek the Welfare of the Land It gets better. Because Jeremiah's letter makes it clear that building and marrying is not enough. People in exile must do something else -- they must be a blessing to the land. "Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper." So let's review. First, the plan is exile. Second, build. Third, bless. Simple, clear instructions. But why was this important? Why a "plan" for exile with specific instructions on how to act in exile? Historians tell us it was during the Babylonian captivity that the Israelites moved from a Temple/Jerusalem focused society to a synagogue and community focused society. Simply put ... It was the lessons learned during their time in exile which enabled the Jews to survive 2,500 years in exile. But not just survive -- but to thrive and become the most prosperous, most successful and most innovative people group in the history of civilization. Exile was the plan. So that's why, today, I'm going to build. And I'm going to plant. I'm going to bless. And I'm going to pray. For that is the final piece to the puzzle ...

"Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." So let's get building. Let's get planting. And let's get praying. And let's bless this land. There are lessons to be learned in exile.

Steve Elliott, Grassfire P.S. If this message is an encouragement to you, please share it with your friends by using the tools below. Thanks! Share on twitter Share on facebook  More Sharing Services I also posted this message on my personal blog. Go here if you would like to share your comments or reflections on this message. Scripture quotations from the New International Version
Grassfire Nation, a division of Grassroots Action, Inc., is a million-strong network of grassroots conservatives dedicated to equipping you with the tools that give you a real impact on the key issues of our day. Copyright 2012 Grassroots Action, Inc.

BEFORE YOU GO: There's a book giveaway going on! Check out Monday's post and leave a comment to enter the drawing. You could win a copy of Anne Rice's ROAD TO CANA.  

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Contest Winner, New Giveaway & More

The winner of a new stack of (5) books is:
Debbie Mitchell! 

Congratulations, Debbie!
You've won the following five books:

  1. Flight of Fancy- Laurie Alice Eakes
  2. The Red Siren--MaryLu Tyndall
  3. A Simple Winter (Hardcover with dustjacket)--Rosalind Lauer
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter--Teresa Slack
  5. The House in Grosvenor Square (Hardcover with dustjacket)--Linore Rose Burkard,  Autographed by moi, of course.  

More Books

I've just finished Flight of Fancy, by Laurie Alice Eakes (one of the books in the prize for last week's contest winner). Isn't the cover pretty?

Since many of you have read and enjoyed my regency trilogy, I wanted to mention Laurie's book since it also an Inspirational Regency Romance.

 Flight of Fancy is a lighthearted, fast-moving romp that fans of the traditional regency will enjoy.  As a bonus, you'll learn lots about the erstwhile science of ballooning and how they managed to lift these huge balloons into the skies back then. I enjoyed the main character and I hope Laurie will write a sequel for the delightful younger sister.  Click the book cover to learn more about the book from Amazon.
I didn't want to underline my copy since I knew the book would be included in the giveaway, but there were a few turns of phrase I just adored. LAE is a writer worth watching.

"'Head of the house' did not mean that our father barked out orders, threw his weight around, and demanded submission from his wife. It simply meant that he was the one finally responsible." Elisabeth Elliot
 Another book I'm reading as a devotional is A Woman After God's Own Heart, by Elizabeth George.
This is a good book to take in small pieces, underlining as you go. It isn't new on the market, (guess I should mention that) but it's certainly relevant for any woman of faith.
Here's a recent bit I found meditation worthy:

 Speaking of the difficult issue of submission within marriage, Ms. George quotes Elisabeth Elliot (one of my heroes of the faith):
She says, "'Head of the house' did not mean that our father barked out orders, threw his weight around, and demanded submission from his wife. It simply meant that he was the one finally responsible."  Ms. George goes on to explain that headship is not something a husband can demand or enforce by any means of control. True headship occurs only when it is given as a gift, by the wife.
She asks,  "Are you giving the gift of headship to your husband through your heart attitude of submission? Are you experiencing the rightness that comes from a decision to follow God's plan for marriage?"

If you're a woman of faith who doesn't always leave the reins of leadership to your husband, well, join the crowd! Then, join me in striving to submit in a godly fashion as women of God.

You might want to start out with this book. It isn't only about the marriage relationship, but all areas of life.

New Book Giveaway!

What about you? Got a good book to recommend to me and my readers? Leave a comment with your top recommendation and I'll enter you in a drawing for a good read. This week's book prize?

THE ROAD TO CANA, by Anne Rice

(*Yes, Anne Rice is the author of all those vampire books. After her conversion to Christ, she stopped writing vampire stuff and now writes books that are actually edifying. Isn't it wonderful?) 

So--leave a comment and recommend a book you found inspiring or just plain wonderful. Fiction or non-fiction. You'll be entered in the drawing to win THE ROAD TO CANA.

Warmest Blessings,

(Click through this link to see the newest regency-era illustrations at the bottom of my calendar)