Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Before the Season Ends"--Thanksgiving!

There's always much to be thankful for. Don't forget to include gratitude on your holiday table! 

I almost forgot to share some printables with you "before the season ends." (That's the title of my first book for those wondering what the quotation marks are about.)

Are you a believer in "better late than never?" If so, please help yourself to the following autumnal print-outs.
You can use them as place tags at your thanksgiving table, bookmarks, bookplates, etc.

Here's how to use them:

1. After viewing the images here, click on the link to download the file from my website to your own desktop. Open the file and save each image you want to use to your own pc. (Desktop, or other folder of your choice.)

2. Print out on cardstock, or plain paper but use a color printer if you have the option.

3. Cut out and use! (If you print to plain paper, then after cutting out, glue to card stock or any sturdy backing.)

The book plates may not need to be glued to anything but the book you put them in. Here's what you'll find in the file:

Book Plates

Stationery. Send a last-minute invite or note.
A free sample from Dover Books. Print out on card stock or paste to sturdy backing. I love this! 

Dress for Patience.

Just a pretty picture

Another Dover Books Sample. Print out to color or give to a youngster.

Picture Frame--Or Place (Name) Tag?
Another picture frame. 

That's it for now. Get your PDF file HERE. Hope you enjoy the print-outs! 

Warmest Blessings,



chaplaindebbie said...

These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Linore Burkard said...

Glad you like them, Debbie. It's always fun to have seasonal-appropriate things to play with--even for grownups, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by, my faithful friend. :)