Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pre-Christmas Sale!

For Book-lovers Only (Especially Regency fans)

My Three Book Set of the Regency Trilogy is on Sale for Christmas Giving, Pre-Wrapped and Autographed.

My family is prayerfully preparing to move out of state, so I'm willing to let go of my last stock (which I've never offered on sale before like this because I LIKE having them around for things like workshops I teach, writer's meetings and other book signing events and so on).

Each set INCLUDES:

Before the Season Ends--A young woman of faith must navigate the treacherous waters of a London Season while her wealthy, social-climbing aunt schemes to marry her off to an eligible blue-blood. 

The House in Grosvenor Square--Follows the story of Ariana Forsythe from Before the Season Ends, as she contemplates marriage, fends off foes, and encounters mysterious goings-on in the house in Grosvenor Square!

The Country House Courtship--Ariana and husband are safely ensconced in their country estate; but younger sister Beatrice has lessons to learn and a courtship to consider--from two different gentlemen! Which man deserves to win her heart?

The Regency Trilogy is a three-book experience of life and love during the Regency--that most "Jane Austenesque" of eras. The drawing-room manners, speech and modes of fashion will thrill your history loving heart, while the romance will warm your womanly soul.

1. It's on SALE!  The retail total for the set would be $41. My sale price is only $22, including gift-wrapping.
2. Print copies are getting hard to find. My publisher has stopped printing them. Amazon is practically sold out. Who knows if they'll ever go into a second printing? I certainly don't count on that happening. 
3. I'll autograph them to you or your gift recipient, and you won't even have to wrap them! 
4. They'll arrive ready to proudly sit beneath anyone's tree. (Each package is different, but the pictures above are indicative of how they will look.)  No worry or stress on your part.
5.  It's EARLY. You can tackle that gift list right now and spend more time on cooking, baking, going to seasonal events, or whatever it is you like to spend your time doing other than shopping. (Like READING?) :)

I will send the books anywhere in the US for the flat fee of $5.50 (contiguous US). You could order a set for Grandma or Aunt Mable  and I can both autograph and mail it directly to her.

Start check-out right here, below:  

Autograph the books to:
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Get your order in while quantities last!

IMPORTANT: QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED!  As I said, I'm depleting my own stock of books

Before You Go:

There's still time for you to leave a comment and enter the drawing for a free copy of Ray Comfort's book GOD HAS A WONDERFUL PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE: THE MYTH OF THE MODERN MESSAGE. Go to this blog post and get in on the drawing! Book winner will be picked after November 30th.  

Warmest Blessings,



Caroline said...

Linore, you never told us you're moving (or at least, me!) Can you email us and give us the depressings facts? lol

We will miss you!

Linore Burkard said...

Aw, you're sweet, Carol! It's still in the "prayerfully considering" stage, but while we wait on the Lord I'm getting the house ready for an appraisal. I was so sorry I couldn't make the meeting this week (Grace was sick), but I already miss you and others! And I think I saw you won't be at the Christmas meeting, right? (Boo hoo) I'll tell you all about it when I get a chance, though. Thanks for coming by. :)

Chaplain Debbie said...

You wrapped your books beautifully, Linore. Even though I can't get them, I will share this offer with others. :)

Linore Burkard said...

Thank you, Debbie! Sorry you can't get the set for yourself, but I appreciate your spreading the word. You're a peach! :) (That means, 'sweet'.)