Saturday, December 01, 2012

Everyday's A Gift--Reprint by Kirk Cameron

I've got a little encouragement for you. 

There are few things meant to be encouraging about the results of the last election that actually do encourage me, so when I got a lift from reading this, I knew at once I'd like to share it with you. 

From a clip in a local paper, by the well known Christian actor, Kirk Cameron:

First, Kirk talks about times in history when things really looked black: After the fall, after Cain killed Abel, as Noah watched the flood cover the earth, when Moses was trapped between Pharoah and the Sea; finally, when Mary and the disciple watched Jesus die on the cross...It would have been easy for each person around at the time to think the world was really over. Or that hope had died.

But he writes:
"Today there are many who think the world is almost over. All signs say, 'Panic!' The economy. Moral decay. Spiritual decline. Godlessness. But if the past is any indicator of the future, then hold on. God has a plan! He isn't finished. He made this world and he loves it so much he sent his son to save it. He has promised to reverse the curse, reconcile the world to Himself, and restore all things. While this present darkness in our culture may seem great, God's promise is to flood the darkness with light, crush the serpent's head, and make all his enemies his footstool." 

Kirk also wrote: 
"Even now, Jesus is seated next to the Father in Heaven, ruling and reigning, in session with the Trinity..."

Great reminder: The days of evil are truly numbered. Let's get busy helping to point the lost to Christ while there's still time.

"Let's lift up our head, strengthen our weary bones, and get busy discipling the nations like Jesus commanded us to. Exciting days ahead!"

Thanks, Kirk! Now that's a fresh take on these dismal political and economic times! And Good News to this weary soul. Do you agree? 
Leave me a comment. Let's talk about it.

This week's giveaway book, up for grabs, is An English Christmas, by Paula Tanner Girard. As always, leaving a comment enters you in the drawing for the book *(US only, sorry). Drawing held on December 7, 2012. 

An English Christmas is copyrighted 2001 but isn't in print anymore, not even on Amazon, so this is an excellent opportunity to get your hands on a compilation of  two Christmas regency stories. (It is two books in one: A Father For Christmas, and A Husband For Christmas.) I must add a caveat: It is not a Christian historical, but tame, as far as secular regencies go. The writing is good, I assure you, and the heroine is refreshingly modest and devout. Nevertheless, it reminds me why I started writing to begin with: to give the world regencies (that are wonderful, God willing!) without making us endure too much of a secular viewpoint, most often which is conveyed through the heroes' POVS (point of views). I wouldn't be offering the book as a giveaway, however, if I didn't enjoy it, myself.  

Leave a thought about today's post and I'll enter you in the drawing! If you don't win, remember that I do new drawings almost every week of the year, so COME BACK. Better yet, enter your email to the feedburner box on the right side of this blog, and you'll get new posts with giveaway information right in your inbox.
Until next time,

Warmest Blessings,

PS: You can read Kirk Cameron's testimony of how he came to Christ here. 

*For those outside the US: if you're willing to pay the shipping, you may enter the drawing for the book.  

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Diane Archibald said...

Thank you, Linore. That was refreshing and comforting. I am infused with new purpose to get the Word out...Jesus is coming!

Linore Burkard said...

Yay, Diane! I'm grateful to Kirk for that meditation as well. I need to read it now and again! Thanks for coming by and you're in the drawing for the book. :)

chaplaindebbie said...

Kirk has always inspired me with his faith. When he was on Growing Pains, it was nice watching him grow into a wonderful Christian man.
It seems like each generation thinks that it is the end and that Jesus is coming. I can remember when I was little and my mom would talk about how it was 'close'. And then when my children were little, I thought the same thing....and now? It only goes to prove that no one knows, except God, when Christ will return.
Until His return, we need to try to bring as many to Christ as possible.
Great post! Sharing. :)

karenk said...

thanks for sharing kirk cameron today...i remember watching him on 'growing pains'

kmkuka at yahoo dot com