Friday, December 07, 2012

5 Best Ways to Read a Book (Before Christmas)


I thought you would appreciate a little fool-proof advice on how to actually get some reading in during this ultra-busy season.  There are soooo many extra things to do, places to go, ways to spend time and money, that you're probably thinking, Who would even WANT to try and read a book now, right?

(Clears throat.)

Well. Um. Just in case I'm  not the only one, here are my top five ways to get reading  in, even during the busiest of times. (Consider it taking care of yourself time, and you'll be better able to handle the stress and bustle the rest of the month.)
And why not? A woman needs a good book now and then.

Of course you already know what book you want to read. It's been sitting on your bedside table for weeks, maybe months. So get it and go snuggle up in your favorite spot, being sure to have brought along a cup of tea or coffee or your beverage of choice. Make that favorite QUIET spot--for me, with so many bodies in this house, it has to be my bedroom.
Hmmm. I'm so glad I took the time to read this.

[Note: This works best after you've run yourself ragged doing all the things we all know we're SUPPOSED to be doing during this busy season.]

Now you're ready to implement my top five fool-proof methods to get that book read. 

1.  Ignore phone when it rings. (Someone else can get it, and no, you aren't available at the moment. You won't be for a few hours. Maybe not all night.)

2. Ignore children, who will suddenly MISS you, need you, and annoy you until you say, "I'll let you know when I've finished my book." Even your husband will suddenly want to know what you're up to. (Tell him.)
3. Ignore clock.
4.  Ignore inner voice that says you're wasting time or having too much fun.
5. Ignore the house, the calendar, and the world.  (World = television, pc, iphone, etc.)
Ah! This story enchants me!
Voila! You've just read a book!
That wasn't so hard, was it? 

What about you? Got a top method for squeezing in a good book now and then? We authors love to know. :) Leave me a comment and you'll be entered into the latest giveaway. 

Just don't do this: (How NOT to finish a book)


An English Christmas

One last word: 

For fool-proof uninterrupted reading, start small. Try my short stories!

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See you soon,
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chaplaindebbie said...

I think my biggest one is number 4, but I am getting better at ignoring it. I've learned that if a book has truly captured my attention, I can block out most of the noise around me. Actually, I can't read in complete silence, so I have to at least have the radio on in the background. K-love station. :)

Linore Burkard said...

That's the hardest factor to control:GUILT! As long as you don't regularly ignore things to read or enjoy yourself, you probably are well-deserving of the break. Remind yourself of that. And remember, it's being a good role model for the younger generation who are so wrapped up in Facebook and pc games, they neglect good old-fashioned reading. Thanks for coming by, Deb!

chaplaindebbie said...

I hear that! Sometimes I think my grandson only picks up a book when he is at my house. He is only four and already totally hooked on video games. Both parents are into video games, so I'm not surprised. Prayerfully, he will love reading one day. I will make sure he always has books to read. :)

Pat Cochran said...

I agree that #4 is the hardest to
ignore, the rest I can handle more
easily, especially since I'm a stay
-at-home grandmother who is home
alone every day!

Pat C.