Thursday, December 20, 2012

Festive Christmas Table Idea

 I love doing something different each year, even though the family loves traditions. Adding a little surprise to the house makes everyone happy, it seems. And it doesn't take much to slip in a new treat, tradition, or small blessing. Today's nifty little idea fits the bill. Like the wonderful recipes for filling your house with Christmas scents, it also comes from this week's giveaway book: 365 Ways to Prepare For Christmas, by David Monn.

In the tradition of Victorian Christmas crackers, make your own

 "Surprise Rolls."

Take a cardboard tube such as the kind from an empty roll of paper towels, or toilet tissue (the ideal size).  Using a pretty foil or heavy wrapping paper,  cut a "ten by twenty inch piece out. Center the tube on the paper, and roll it up, pinching the paper together at one end, and tying it off at that end with a long piece of curling ribbon. Fill the tube with candies or other small treats and coins. Pinch the other end together and tie with another piece of curling ribbon."


Open out the ends of the paper rolls in a fan shape; then curl the ribbons.*


I like the idea of using these as place settings on Christmas (and if your children want to pull them apart afterwards, as above, that's fine, too!)


How about you?


What's your simple trick to add festivity to your holiday table or home?

Leave a comment and you'll be part of the drawing for this week's giveaway.

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*Adapted from the "Surprise Rolls" from 365 Ways to Prepare for Christmas, by David Monn.  Win this book by entering this week's drawing! Simply leave a comment to be entered. I don't usually get around to drawing a winner until Sunday night, so you have until 12/23 to enter!


chaplaindebbie said...

What a great idea. I used to keep toilet paper and paper towel rolls for Sunday School crafts. It's too late to do this idea this year, but great for next year. What other tidbits are in that book?

Linore Burkard said...

I think you'll be finding out, Debbie! You've left the lion's share of comments for this drawing. I'm about to go to and find out who wins!

Linore Burkard said...

The winner is:
Karen K!
Congratulations, Karen, and thanks for reading WOMAN OF FAITH. If you look through this book during the year, you'll be able to plan an absolutely splendid holiday next year! Have fun.