Monday, March 30, 2015

History or Writing, Anyone?

History or Writing, Anyone? 

As a writer of historical fiction, I love history. No surprise there! If you too adore finding out little known facts of history, you may want to join me on the blog, Heroes, Heroines and History.

But as a writer I also love reading and learning about the craft, not to mention writing about it. 
If you are a writer or interested in the writing process, join me at Novel Rocket.

Since I contribute monthly to both these blogs, I'll post links here as I write new posts for them. I figure you've got enough to read in your inbox without me also posting articles here, right?

Is Blogging History?

I think the hey-day for blogging is rapidly closing, anyway. Not that blogs will be obsolete, but most readers have chosen what they want to read, making smaller blogs mostly irrelevant.  In other words, established blogs with many contributors (like HHH and Novel Rocket)  will continue to do well, or even better, while newer or smaller  blogs will have to really prove their usefulness to earn readers.

I'm primarily a novelist and writing instructor, and even those occupations come after being a wife and mom.
Moreover, I have so many exciting book projects in the works that I'm happy to give most of my writing time to them. Finally, my newsletter is how I convey my publishing news to my readers.

All this to say, that is why I've not been an active blogger here. Maybe I'll eventually switch out the newsletter to using the blog as my means of keeping in touch.
Not just yet.
But don't drop your subscription! I'll continue to share links to my posts, and I'll offer more in upcoming months as new fiction from me comes out. (I do lots of giveaways and contests and other fun stuff.)   

For now, here are links to two recent posts I've written. 

(On the blog, Heroes, Heroines and History) This is an updated article from the one I offer on a free PDF on my website. ("Myths and Mysteries of the Regency." The pdf is still available, but as I post on these topics on the HHH blog, I add new information. Just fyi.) 



(Don't let Flat Stanley enter your novel)
(On the blog, Novel Rocket) This is a blog for writers interested in improving their craft.)

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I look forward to staying in touch, one way or another. I really do.
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PS: Do you prefer being on newsletters or getting blog posts in your inbox? Do you subscribe to many blogs? I'd love to hear your thoughts.