Friday, December 23, 2016

The Crazy for Christmas Tour--And Giveaway!

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By the time you finish my "tour" you'll probably agree--I'm crazy for Christmas! Leave a comment following the post to enter the giveaway.  

Front Porch


A little hokey--I try different things every year. (Not all are successful--ha!)

(I forgot to put a huge bow at the stair post)

The stockings don't go up until Christmas Eve

Close up

Santa's beard (right) is missing--my doggie ate it off.

My mother is a quilter. I hang this over a Monet print every December.

My youngest--caught eating in the livingroom!

Kitty--who isn't supposed to hang out up here--but always does.

Close up--I like to hide little surprises in the greenery

Another little surprise!

She's suffered a few chips over the years, but I keep this
Christmas angel. I love angels!

No piece of furniture is "safe" from a Christmas touch!

Our Nativity--pieces from three sets. (Chalk it up to raising five kids!)

I live outside of a town loaded with antique shops. Found this vintage window cling there. (It's on the fridge.)

On facebook people ask, "Do you decorate for Christmas in your bathrooms?"

Crazy for Christmas!

That's not quite everything, but I believe you've got the gist of it!
Why am I crazy for Christmas? Because it's the time of year when we are reminded of the Incarnation--God coming to earth in human form. God with us.

Coming to know Christ changed my life completely, eternally, and in ways I could never have imagined. I pray and wish that all would come to know him and the joy that is found only in him.

From my house to yours,

With warmest blessings for a happy and healthy New Year! 

PS: Was this crazy enough for you? Do you go all out when it comes to Christmas? What's your favorite decoration? Leave a comment and let me know. I'll choose one commenter to win a copy of one of my books.

All photographs copyrighted by law. 2016 Linore Rose Burkard.