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The winner of last week's book giveaway, An English Christmas, is Amada Chavez! Congratulations, Amada! Please email me at Linore(at)LinoreBurkard(dot)com with your complete mailing address so I can get the book to you ASAP.

Thanks, everyone else, who entered. Be sure to enter this week's drawing for 365 Ways to Prepare for Christmas, by David Monn. 
 It's chock-full of ideas for a crafty, home-made Christmas that are sure to inspire. 


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I spoke on Blog Talk Radio with host Carol Topp (*standing in for publisher Felice Gerwitz). If you are a writer, you'll want to listen in as I share tips on building that all-important "Author's Platform" that publishers look for. It's a career boosting experience in 20 minutes. :)
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More Christmas!

Some of you know

I wrote a Regency Christmas (non-fiction) ebook called,

Regency House Christmas: The Definitive Guide to a Remarkably Regency Yuletide!  It's bursting with illustrations, Regency customs, poems, hymns, recipes and more.

  I started this book because I wanted to know exactly what Christmas would have been like during the Regency.  I already knew enough to recognize that a lot of other writers were getting it very wrong. 

 So, I buried myself in research and came out with Regency House Christmas. This was a few years ago, before the ebook industry exploded. So it's a PDF, not yet optimal for e-readers. (It can be read on an e-reader but won't have the easy navigation you're accustomed to.)

I keep meaning to update the ebook--they say old habits die hard, and my penchant for collecting information regarding an early 19th Century English Christmas hasn't waned. Therefore, I have much to add. I'm making it a top priority of 2013 to have the new shiny e-book all ready for most e-readers by next year's Christmas season. I wanted to do it for this year, but other writing projects--and life--got in the way. 

SO-for right now:  If you get a copy of the ebook as is (in PDF) your receipt will entitle you to the new version of the book ABSOLUTELY FREE.* Originally offered for $14.95, it's on SALE for only $9.95. 

Regency House Christmas Sale !

*On the chance that  Regency House Christmas gets a new publisher, I will not be able to fulfill giving out free copies--but I will be able to award bonus downloads of equally Christmasy content.  Either way, it's a gift that keeps on giving! 

In addition to the Contents & Bibliography, (click to download this short preview of the ebook), I also send a whole sleigh-load of bonus ebooks full of extra Christmas delights.

Regency House Christmas Sale !
A FEW of the extras are:

A Regency Feast--Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings, and more--25 pages of historical recipes, quotes and illustrations.

Regency House Christmas Receipt Book-- More Christmas feast recipes that you can freely give away to friends and family. ("Receipt" is the old word for recipe.)

The Prayers of Jane Austen--Did you know that Jane wrote a few special prayers that her father used as part of an Anglican service? They were no doubt read at home around the fire of an evening, too.  

Regency Carols--Christmas Hymns of the Day! 

English Housewifery Exemplified--173 pages of a 1764 cookbook!  

Ho, Ho, Ho Christmas Beverages--an entire ebook with special holiday libations

Illustrated historical stories of the season

And much, much more!



Regency House Christmas Sale !
Enjoy Your Copy Today! After check-out, you will receive your ebooks via the email address on the PayPal Receipt. Thanks very much. Warmest Blessings, Linore


Linore Rose Burkard, Novelist said...

Leave a comment and you'll be entered in the current book giveaway of 365 WAYS TO PREPARE FOR CHRISTMAS!

chappydebbie said...

A COMMENT.............just kidding. Your Regency House Christmas sounds great, Linore. I will make sure I share about it. I sure hope you are staying healthy this Christmas season. It seems like the flu is attacking a lot of people. God bless.

Linore Rose Burkard, Novelist said...

Thank you, Deb. It's a great ebook and the bonuses are lots of fun in themselves. We are healthy, thank God, and I pray you stay that way, too, especially through the holidays. Good to hear from you, as always. :)