Autumn Wonders

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Don't you love Autumn?

Here in Ohio, we've had 85 degree weather for the last week--not very autumnal--but today it dropped to 55. A thirty degree change overnight--that's Ohio! But I welcome it, for I love the chill in the air, the turning of the leaves, the crisp footfalls through leaves as I hike, and the deep blue sky.

While storms are rocking other parts of the country (our family prays for those affected), here is most definitely a beautiful pumpkin-harvest fall. Over the next few weeks, I'll post images from my area, and other things that delight me at this time of year--beginning with a fall poem.

I'll be posting more autumnal beauty, poetry, recipes and quotes--so stay tuned. :)

 By Gerald E. Greene

                                           The heat of summer slowly dissipates.
Long days grow shorter and the weather cools,
as Autumn equinox delineates,

when children move from beaches back to schools,
and leaves begin to dry as sap recedes,
preparing for their colorful array.

When frost arrives with glistening silver beads,

Fall’s arbor shines in glorious display,

while pumpkins ripen in the farmer’s field.

Thanksgiving overflows from grateful breast,

with larders full of generous summer yield,

and nature slows for winter’s frozen rest.

Bright leaves fall, leaving twigs and branches bare,

as forest floors acclaim autumnal flare.

Gerald E. Greene is the author of Kaleidoscope - A Poetry Collection

"Harvest Time" by Alfred A. Glendening

Writing Update:
My time-travel regency is with my agent. I'll keep you posted on its progress and publishing plans! 

Happy Autumn! See you soon,


The Country House Courtship

[Amazon really messed up the book description--it's one big jumbled mess, despite my efforts and emails--click the ebook version to read it the way it SHOULD look. Amazon has recently decided to become a printer of books instead of just a seller of them. Sadly, they have a long way to go in terms of quality control.]  


Unknown said...

I love autumn, and that's a beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing!

Linore Burkard said...

You're so welcome, Katie! Thanks for stopping by.

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