Friday, August 03, 2012

New Fiction-- By Me!


It's FICTION FRIDAY and I'm so excited to let you know that my new short story HER ONE TRUE SOLDIER is available for instant download from Kindle.

It's about 57 pages, but you could read it in a single day at the beach, by the pool, or in your car while someone else drives (say, if you're going on vacation and have a long drive ahead).

Last week we returned from South Carolina from the home of a fellow writer, and I was tickled pink to see how quickly the hours flew past since I had my handy Kindle with me. In fact, I also had my laptop and I did one of my final edits for this story during that trip. 

I don't know about you, but I get bored easily and I need to keep myself occupied. I took time out to fawn over the fabulous mountain views we passed along the way, but I have to admit I love that technology came along with me in the car. 

The Kindle has "whisper net" and works from almost anywhere. (If you need it to. Once you download books to the device, you no longer need to be online.) Same goes for the Kindle app on your pc or iphone.  Entire manuscripts come along with me, too, either on a thumb drive or on my net-book. 

My limit to the "take technology with you" idea is that I won't buy a DVD player for the car for the kids. They get more than enough media time at home. I believe kids need time to just think. A little boredom, even, won't hurt them. 

Anyway, if you're traveling soon, or just want to curl up somewhere at home with a cozy read, try my new novelette. If you're a member of Amazon PRIME you can even borrow it, as at a library. 

So very much,
Warmest Blessings,

PS: If you read the story, I'd love to know your thoughts. Did you love Daniel by the end? Or, like my passionate 15 yr.old, did you think he "deserves to die!"  Leave a comment and let me know. I'll answer all responses.

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Anne Payne said...

Did you just tell the ending to the book?!