Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Writing Life (And Announcement of BOOK WINNER)

I rushed to my husband's study this morning and cried, "Honey! I just had the most horrible experience!"
He works from home, but after such a dire announcement turned to give me his attention, his eyes widening.
"What happened!"

"I weighed myself.
I'm two pounds heavier than last week!"
He slumped a little and turned back to the screen, but he was smiling just enough for me to catch it.
"Didn't you already have coffee today?"
"Yes. But that's two pounds heavier after subtracting for that."
(I had actually enjoyed two cups of the stuff, so I figured a pound was reasonable to subtract.)
"Well," he said, "watch what you eat today."
I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I will."

Somehow, I felt better.

As a writer, I create drama all the time out of the littlest things. I see this tendency in my daughters and wonder, Where on earth did they get that from?
(Shrug) Guess it's a mystery.

And now, on to something that matters: The winner of a book! Last week, I left a post asking commenters to share something they're thankful for.  Anyone who commented was entered in a drawing to win any one book that I've written--winner's choice.

I did not try to weigh the comments and choose the best.
(I do enough weighing!)
 Besides, any reason for gratitude is a good reason--our God is always worthy to be praised and thanked. 

Using,the winner of the drawing is:
Kelly Ropson

Congratulations, Kelly!
You can choose from any of my published books and I'll either mail you a copy or send you a free kindle--again, your choice.

To see my regency series:
THE COUNTRY HOUSE COURTSHIP (each with sample chapters),
 check out this page of my website:

To see my Kindle shorts ("novelettes") use the following links:

I'll be in touch via email to get your choice. JUST IN CASE you're one of those wonderful people who have already read all of my books ,you can choose to be surprised. I'll send you a book by a different Christian novelist that you're sure to enjoy. It will be one I've read and can vouch for! Thank you, everyone who participated in this giveaway, and be sure to sign up for the blog (on the right) so you'll know when I do my next one. Warmest Blessings, Linore


Kelly said...

Awesome!! Thank you!! That totally made my day!

Donna J. Shepherd, Author of Love Under the Bubble Wrap said...

Congratulations, Kelly! I know you'll enjoy whichever book you end up with!

Linore Burkard said...

I'm so glad you entered the drawing, Kelly!
And nice to see you stop by, Donna. I hope you're feeling well again!