Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Thought for The Disciplined Life

"Through Scripture, creation, the church, and by his Spirit, God fills
the world with his voice. The only issue is, 'Are we listening?' "
C.J.Mahaney, Disciplines for Life.

How's Your listening, today? Have you taken some time to speak
to God and hear His voice? If not, take five and do it, now!

Sometimes, as the old song says, "It only takes a spark to get
a fire going!" If you're feeling lifeless, bring yourself to God and let
Him kindle that spark in you.

[Where have I been? Meeting my latest book deadline, and traveling, and entertaining company.
I hope you enjoyed today's little thought; I need so much time to be a wife to my husband, mom to my five kids, and manager of my home, that writing my daily devotions
was getting too time consuming--hence my "vacation" from this blog. My solution for now is that I'll be posting some "God-thoughts" a couple times a week or more--just a snippet from my devotional time with the Lord. I pray you will find them edifying, as I have.
It's good to be back!]


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