Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"Only One Thing is Needed"

I still haven't left the "Mary vs. Martha" musings, and I am going over the same chapter in a devotional I read (Disciplines for Life: Steps to Spiritual Strength, by C.J.Mahaney and John Loftness)-again and again. Why? Because I still haven't "got it." I mean, deep down in my soul--The truth, that sitting at the feet of my Saviour tops all of the Martha activities I fill my hours with.

Rest assured that neither I (nor Jesus) are undermining all of the necessary tasks we must do in life-tasks that take us from listening at His feet. But if we do manage to "get it"--the listening part, that is--then nothing can take us from Him, no matter how much activity and busy-ness we undertake. We may not always be able to sit still like Mary and drink in His truths and love, but if we do it enough, and learn to hear him well, when it is time to go forth and be about our business in life, we will go forth fortified and stronger.

Isn't this the same as having a daily quiet time, you may ask?
Well, yes, and no.

Even our quiet time can be done by rote, filled with our own thoughts, and we can miss hearing His voice. Oh, have I been there, done that.

Other times we are so convinced that what we are doing is part of our calling, that we barely wait to hear further instructions.

Mahaney quotes Charles Hummel, who points out that one way to discern between the tyranny of the urgent vs. "what is needful," is in fact by careful listening.

"He impresses on our minds the assignments he wants us to undertake. THE NEED ITSELF IS NOT THE CALL...The call must come from the God who knows our limitations."

"It is not God who loads us until we crack..."

Did you get that? The need itself is not the call! If you're like me, you often mistake the two.

More next time.....

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