Saturday, January 09, 2010

Catch my guest post today on PETTICOATS AND PISTOLS about weapons during the Regency.
I'll be stopping by once or twice to say hi to visitors, too. One of my daughters' turns 13 today, so I can only hop by quickly, but I'll do my best.

Even if you can't come and visit, think about this truth today as you go about your tasks:
(Ps. 119:68; Ps.136:1)

(Constant, loyal, reliable, steadfast, unwavering, devoted, true, dependable)
Deut. 7:9
Psalm 119:90
II Timothy 2:13

Just this past week, I had occasion to experience the faithfulness of God. It had snowed a little during the night, but I was up bright and early to go to an appointment I had. As I was driving happily along, I began to notice that the road was perhaps a bit slippery, and decided to slow down. It was a country road and I had been driving around 45mph. As I began to slow, in one second I was suddenly on an angle and unable to control my van.

I frantically tried to remember what to do when a vehicle is skidding, but watched helplessly as my van crossed the road and went headlong into a ditch. Even in the ditch it didn't stop immediately, but continued along until a large, bare bush stopped me, ruining the driver side mirror in the process. But I was okay!

Heart pounding a little, I reached for my cell phone only to realize I hadn't brought it along! "Oh, no," I fretted to the Lord. "How are you going to get me out of this one?" The road was empty, a few houses along the way were all quiet and still--no sign of life anywhere. First, I did the thing a stranded driver should not do: I tried to back out of my predicament. When the van moved a few feet, I felt elated, only to have it start to dig into the snow and dirt. After that, I was well and truly stuck!

I looked in my rear view mirror at the looong stretch of road I'd just come. My home was at least a mile away, maybe more. I was wearing snow boots, thankfully, but I was not relishing the idea of that long walk in the cold. I prayed, "Lord, I don't see how you can help me, but I know you can. Please help!"

I got out of the van to survey the damage, and saw that I was definitely not going to get my van out of the ditch. The back tires had carved a deep gully around them of about half a foot. (Probably less, but it looked deep.)
I stood by the van just looking across a wide, empty, wintery field and down the road in the direction I was going to have to walk. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. There was a woman walking a dog right on the side of her house.

Funny how good news brings energy. I was suddenly hurrying down the road towards that nice new house with a woman and a dog, but she was already disappearing around the back of her home. After a few calls, she re-appeared, and thus began my rescue.

She was visiting her daughter for the Christmas holidays, allowed me to use her cell phone to call my hero, er, my husband, and the next thing I knew I was inside that cozy home speaking with two sweet ladies who were so happy to help me. I love meeting neighbors, and a mile from home in the country means you're neighbors! It was great, and they were thrilled to discover that I was an author.

Later on, the woman's husband used a truck he owned to pull my van out of the ditch, so I gave the ladies a copy of my first two books. I love that I had them to give.
And honestly, sometimes I think that women who read and love Christian inspirational romance are the sweetest women on the planet.

Moral of the story: It doesn't have to look like help is there for God to have help there. : ) I missed my appointment, which was to have blood drawn for my annual physical, but that was rescheduled. Meeting those women was worth it.

At least it feels that way. When my husband gives me the bill for having the mirror fixed, we'll see. But THANK YOU, LORD. You have proved your faithfulness and loving kindness to me once again!

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