Saturday, June 04, 2011

20 Promises For Your Life

Psalm 91 has long been one of my favorite portions of Scripture and this morning I was reminded why. Did you know that tucked inside the 16 verses of this Psalm are no less than 20 promises?

It's true.

There are nineteen instances of what God WILL do for the believer, and one "I WILL" (a promise) by the believer. That makes 20 promises. Nineteen for us to receive and one for us to do. I'd say that's a generous ratio!

Let's take a closer look:

1. Whoever lives under the shelter of the Most High WILL remain in the shadow of the Almighty. (vs.1)

2. I WILL say of the LORD, You are my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.(vs.2)

3. He is the one who WILL rescue you from hunters' traps and from the deadly plagues.(vs.3)

4. He WILL cover you with his feathers,
5. and under his wings you WILL find refuge. His truth is your shield and armor.(vs.4)

6. You do not need to fear terrors of the night, arrows that fly during the day,
plagues that roam the dark, epidemics that strike at noon. They WILL not come near you...(vs.6-7)

7. No harm WILL come to you.(vs.10)

8. No sickness WILL come near your house. (vs.10)

9. He WILL put his angels in charge of you to protect you in all your ways.(vs.11)

10. They WILL carry you in their hands so that you never hit your foot against a rock.(vs.12)

11. You WILL step on lions and cobras.(vs.13)

12. You WILL trample young lions and snakes.(vs.13)

13. Because you love me, I WILL rescue you.(vs.14)

14. I WILL protect you because you know my name. (vs.14)

15. When you call to me, I WILL answer you.(vs.15)

16. I WILL be with you when you are in trouble. (vs.15)

17. I WILL save you and honor you.(vs.15)

18. I WILL satisfy you with a long life. (vs.16)

19. I WILL show you (vs.16)

20. how I WILL save you. (vs.16)

Wasn't that fun? I love "unpacking" the scriptures, as my pastor, John Butler, likes to say. This is an amazing Psalm. What promises are speaking to you today?
What promises do you want to remember? Write them down somewhere now.

"For all the promises of God in Christ are yea and Amen!" (2 Cor.1:20)


Cheryl Klarich said...

I'm so glad you shared this! I WILL be reading this Psalm to really explore these promises more!!
Love this.


Linore said...

Thank you, Cheryl! I look forward to exploring them more, too.Be blessed, my friend.