Thursday, July 19, 2012

For My Fellow Jane Austen Lovers:

Kindle Fire Giveaway!

This is, perhaps, more about Jane fan-fic than Austen herself, but I couldn't pass up letting you know about a current giveaway by Indie Jane, a blog that highlights new fiction based on Jane's books or characters. 

 Stop by and enter to win a New Kindle Fire, pre-loaded with a selection of fan-fiction. Please note: I cannot verify that all of these books are as clean as JA's, but for anyone to aspire to write in the Austen tradition, I would hope that keeping it clean would be a prerequisite. In the event that you win and don't enjoy any of the books that are pre-loaded, you can just delete them from your device. I have a Kindle, but I'd love the Kindle Fire as it has color! By posting the giveaway here I get an extra entry, so it's a double benefit. I share the giveaway with you while earning an entry.

Good luck in the contest!

Warmest Blessings,


What are you reading, lately? For a quick read in one sitting, try my short story, Coach and Four: Allisandra's Tale. Romantic suspense from the days of Charles II. (England, late 1600s.)


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