Friday, May 10, 2013

Pearls from the Sea Giveaway!

I have a recommendation for you today for a unique devotional by two Christian women, one of whom (Mary Lu Tyndall) is multi-published in historical fiction. I've really enjoyed the novels by her that I've read. Co-author Debbie Mitchell is a woman much like you: an avid follower of Jesus, a reader, a learner. These ladies got together and, using the motif of taking a "journey with Jesus at the helm of your ship," they've produced this sweet little book that I hope to read soon, myself:
Pearls from the Sea: 180 Days Sailing the High Seas with Jesus at the Helm
From what I know of these two women, this book has got to be a treasure. 

And thanks to their generosity, one of my commenters can win a free ebook copy! Leave a comment to enter the drawing. But first, read more about the book, below.     

 All aboard! From the shores of salvation to eternity's horizon, embark on a 180 day journey with Jesus at the helm of your ship. You'll encounter storms, ship wrecks, and battles but you'll also enjoy days of smooth sailing, glorious sunsets, and rainbows that span the skies. In short:  Life with Jesus is an adventure. But He will never steer you wrong. Is your compass broken? Need some wind in your sails? Lost your anchor? Or maybe you've spotted an enemy ship on the horizon--they come all too often. If any of the above sound like you, come aboard! Join us as we help you trust in the Captain of your souls. (And hang on. You're in for the voyage of your life!)

MaryLu Tyndall Bio

MaryLu Tyndall is a Christy Award Nominee and author of eleven Inspirational Historical Romance Novels.  Her books are not only known for their romance and adventure but for their strong spiritual themes. MaryLu has been walking with God for fifteen years, but prior to that, her experience as an agnostic has given her a unique perspective on things both spiritual and carnal. Her life mission is to encourage believers to not take for granted the love and power of God and to live their lives fully for Him!  MaryLu lives in California with her husband, six children, and three cats.

                                     Debbie Mitchell Bio

A Sunday school teacher for over 20 years, Debbie Mitchell is a firm believer in reading through the Bible annually; she is working on her 13th time through. Keeping in the Word and teaching Sunday School has helped her to recognize and face the enemy. She lives in California with her husband Jack and their two dogs. She has one son, two daughters, two sons-in-law and has been blessed with grandchildren that truly make her days.

Note From the Authors:

It is our prayer that readers will be blessed by this devotional, that these messages God has given us will bring them closer to Him and empower them to keep sailing strong for His glory! Especially when the storms hit.

We all need strength behind our sails during storms. Has God helped you through a storm, recently? He can do so through so many different means, but often simply by the taking to heart of his Word. OR by a good devotional that helps us do so! Leave a comment for your chance to win this one. :) Thanks. And thank you to Mary Lu and Debbie for supplying that copy for one reader.   


chaplaindebbie said...

Thank you so much, Linore, for having us on your blog! I truly pray that this devotional touches the hearts of many readers. God has laid a lot of things on me and MaryLu's hearts and we really wanted this devotional out so that others could be blessed.
Hugs and God bless!

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Thank you, Linore, for having us!! Chappy and I are really excited about this devotional.. we are praying it helps many many people feel and experience the love of God. Hugs.. and hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like such a fun devotional!!! :D

chaplaindebbie said...

Laura, I pray that if you get the opportunity to read our devotional that it blesses you in a great way!

Elizabeth Dent said...

Thank you Linore, I enjoyed the review of these two. MaryLu and Debbie this devotional book that you have written sounds very good . I have not got to get it yet.From the sound of it I pray that it will help a lot of people. Thanks again for the review and the give away.Would love to win this.((HUGS )) to you all

Linore Burkard said...

Debbie and MaryLu, it is a big pleasure to have you and your book here-- thanks so much for writing this! (I love that nickname, by the way, "Chappy". Cute!)
And Laura, I agree-- this sounds like a fun book. Elizabeth, thanks for coming by--good to see all of you here. I'll draw a winner in one week.

chaplaindebbie said...

Liz! Hello, Matey! Thanks for dropping by Linore's blog. Make sure and come back often, she always has such wonderful posts! Good luck in the drawing!

chaplaindebbie said...

Thanks Linore. I love the nicknames the crew gives me, so endearing. Makes me feel loved!

Anonymous said...

Sounds Great!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!!!

Lisa Medeiros said...

Sounds like a great devotional! :) can't wait to read it!

tammy said...

Sounds like something we could all use

chaplaindebbie said...

Thanks ladies! I pray you get the opportunity to read it! God bless!

J.Grace said...

What a creative devotional. Thanks for the giveaway.



chaplaindebbie said...

Hey Janella! Best of luck in the drawing! Thanks for dropping by Linore's blog!

Melissa said...

I would love to read this book! Love, love, love her books!


chaplaindebbie said...

Melissa, MaryLu does not disappoint in our devotional. She has some wonderfully inspiring and uplifting devotions to share. The theme goes perfectly with her writings! God bless.

Jon and Vicki Marney said...

Sounds like a great devotional book & I would be thrilled to win it. May God bless both of these authors, as well as all who Have the opportunity to read this book.

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Hi Everyone!! Thank you all for your interest in our devotional ! Debbie is too humble.. her devotions are also very heartfelt and will surely help all of us see God more clearly! She is also a bit of a swashbuckler, just like me..with perhaps a wee bit of pirate, says I! But as you'll see, Jesus loves pirates too!

chaplaindebbie said...

Ye be makin' me blush, Cap'n! Are pirates supposed to blush? LOL
Thank ye fer yer kind words!
Thank you for your blessing Vicki! Good luck in the drawing!

bonton said...

Such an interesting concept for a book - would love to read it!

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

chaplaindebbie said...

Bonnie! I hope you get a chance to read it and that it blesses you!

Linore Burkard said...

Hello All,
I'm running one more post (today) on the book and then we'll have the drawing next week. Thanks for all the comments and be sure to read today's excerpts from the book by these two talented ladies! Thanks, Mary Lu and Debbie, for donating a free copy. Loved the excerpts. :)