Welcome to the Regency!

My youngest daughter in front of a regency gown display at the Cincinnati Museum
Just for fun, I thought I'd share some illustrations from my favorite era in history to write about: The Regency, of course! If you're not familiar with this turbulent dawn of the nineteenth century in England, please check out my free PDF, "Welcome to the Regency." It will give you a fun, quick overview so that you'll understand what it means to read a "regency romance" as opposed to Victorian, or Early American, etc.

Far too often, this blog is SERIOUS, so today is just for FUN. I have an eclectic collection of period illustrations, and I'll be sharing some of my all-time faves. 

Here goes!

The "quintessential" Regency Evening Get-Together. Cards and Conversation.

The female waistline shows that this illustration is actually post-Regency (but pre-Victorian) and I love it because it is indicative of a wonderful spirit of worship which existed among the faithful during even the hedonistic Regency.
A Regency Girls' Day Out?
Headgear 1802

 Bonnets! 1812
I use the above as the background of my Twitter profile--gotta love a great bonnet! 

This exquisite outfit fascinates me. The shawl is a work of art in itself.  

This woman's hat looks suspiciously like a mobcap. I love it's exuberance of lace. This portrait, in fact, was the model I used to imagine the housekeeper for Mr. Mornay's residence in The House in Grosvenor Square

Quintessential Early Regency Style--feminine and beautiful
I have a weakness for illustrations with mothers and children. I'll do a post someday with this theme. (Btw, look how nicely the serving-man is dressed!)

Lord Grantham. A Regency hunk. :)!
A many-caped greatcoat. (I love to put one of these on any of my heroes when they're at the whip, that is, driving an equipage.)
Men's Fashions 1810
Hope you enjoyed this peek into this beautiful era. Don't forget to download my free PDF "Welcome to the Regency," if you haven't, already. 

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chappydebbie said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Those bonnets are adorable!

Debbie Lynne Costello said...

Good Morning, Linore. Loved the Regency information. The picture of the child with her mom was so lovely. And speaking of child, that was Gracie? Oh my goodness, at first I thought you had a guest poster today when I read that! LOL. Putting your giveaway up on Fiction Addiction Fix to get the word out.

Library Lady said...

Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.
I cannot imagine my husband dressed like that and he probably wouldn't if he could get away with it.
Janet E.

Pat Cochran said...

Interesting clothing pictures! Especially
the greatcoat. Can you imagine how much
weight those capes added to the coat? I
love the bonnets!

Pat C.

Pat Cochran said...

Forgot to include my contact information"


Pat C.

Linore Rose Burkard, Novelist said...

Hi ladies!
Thanks, Chappie, and Debbie Lynne, I know, Grace has grown so much! Thanks bunches for mentioning the giveaway on your newsletter! (For those who don't know, Debbie Lynne's "Fiction Addiction Fix" newsletter highlights the best giveaways of Christian fiction and other good stuff, a few times a week. Get on the mailing list: http://fictionaddictionfix.blogspot.com)
Janet--never thought about imagining my hubby in regency clothing, but it isn't easy, is it?! And Pat, you're right about the weight of those coats; but if you were driving a coach or carriage, you're sitting out in the weather, and I would think those layers kept a man as warm as possible. Thanks for pointing that out. :) You're all in the drawing.

Melody said...

What a wonderful new website to find! Enjoyed everything.


Books Are A Blessing said...

Love these pictures...thank you so much for posting them! And I would love to win these goodies!

Mary Preston said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post. So many beautiful bonnets.


karenk said...

a wonderful posting, Lenore :)

thanks for sharing.

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Linore Rose Burkard, Novelist said...

Melody, So glad you found the blog--great to have you here. And Joy, Mary, and Karen, it's good to know you all enjoyed the post. I guess I need to do more like this one! I think I'll start doing regency pictures every week. Thanks, and you're all in the drawing!