Saturday, May 02, 2009

Devoted Music (To God)

I don't know about you, but it is rare that I can be satisfied listening to music with lyrics that aren't Christian in nature. I can enjoy a great song as much as anyone, and there's a really eclectic mix of musical styles that I like--from Handel to rock--but for day in, day out enjoyment, I almost always prefer a Christian artist. Why?

Because Christian music feeds the soul, not just the ears.

I recently picked up "The Ultimate Collection" by Rebecca St. James. There are quite a few here that were on her first 'best of,' but a few that are new to me. I love Rebecca's "sold out for God," lyrics, her passionate styling, , "pure" energy, and the fact that she lives what she preaches. She walks the talk.

If you're looking for some upbeat tunes to play while driving or cleaning the house, give Rebecca a try. Some of my personal favorites by her? "God," "Go and Sin No More," "Pray," "Song of Love," "Reborn," and "I Thank You."

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