Thursday, December 17, 2009

Have You Left Your First Love?

None of us try to leave the Lord out of this season, much less leave him altogether. But how easily we let our fellowship with Christ slip away! I certainly never plan on doing so. I keep my prayer time and Bible reading first on every "To-do" list I write. But there are days when it feels like just one more thing to check off instead of the delight, the relief, the joy, that it should be.

How about you? Take a look at this list from Nancy Leigh DeMoss and see if any of these evidences apply to you today. And then, if some of them do hit home, do something about it. Personally, I like to fall to my knees before Him and confess my inadequacy--not only for all the challenges I face in life, but even just in being an excellent follower of HIM. It's a funny thing, but once you confess it, it doesn't matter anymore! Jesus doesn't only love us when we please Him perfectly (thank goodness! How rare would that be?). The very act of asking His forgiveness restores us, and can bring back the joy we so delight in and need.

40 Evidences that you may have left your first love.

I pray this encourages you today to return to your first love--the lover of your soul.
Oh, not that you tried to leave Him, of course; but you could stand to move a little closer today to him, could you not? I know I can!

Oh happy day.

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