Monday, September 13, 2010

Cheer Up! These Things Are True

Yesterday my pastor gave our church some truths to consider
which can make any dark cloud seem just a little brighter if you
think about them. The key is to really consider the meaning of these
four immutable and perfectly beautiful truths:

If you are a child of God (and not everyone is, you know)
then you can say the following:
1. I am CHOSEN

These things are true for the Christian no matter he or she feels;
no matter how low they feel they've gone;
no matter what they've done;
no matter what they think.

A person who has placed his or her faith and trust in Christ as
their Lord and Savior is always, at all times, irrevocably,
CHOSEN (called out from the crowd; set apart; picked specifically for God)
ADOPTED (Removed from their old life and into God's family; they have a new
identity; a new name; a new reason for being.)
REDEEMED (living for a purpose; given meaning to their lives; freed from
the chains of their past or their history)
FORGIVEN (made ready for heaven; no longer held guilty for sins--as long as there is ongoing prayer and asking for forgiveness.)

This really is GOOD NEWS.
I hope it's true for you as it is for me.
Have questions? Need to know how to become a part of God's family?
Leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Warmest blessings,



Along the Way said...

Linore,I love that you listed WHO we are in Christ..because how quick we are to forget! I think if we weaved this into our daily thought patterns the tapestry of how we live would look so different...there would be so ,many more layers. my favorite word is "redeemed" not only did he die for us He gave us back the life that was intended! oh, that we would drink from the cup of His love each day..we would stand a little taller! thank you for sharing! loved finding your blog!

Linore Rose Burkard said...

Thank you, "along the way"! I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. (My own blog doesn't send me new comments!)
I agree that our lives would be absolutely transformed if we could keep our identity in Christ foremost in our thoughts. It reminds me of that scripture that says if we focus on the Lord's returning, we will live purer lives.
Thanks for finding me, and please always consider yourself more than welcome here.
Warmest blessings,