Monday, April 02, 2012

Let Me Help You

Because I write inspirational romance, I tend to read a good bit of it, and I hear about a LOT of it. New books, older ones, ones in progress as you read this.

I've met many Christian writers, and I'm online friends with far more. What this means for you is that when you're wondering what to read next, I can help!

I also read a great deal of non-fiction, by the way, mostly Christian, but not exclusively. I'm a Kindle addict, so I'm always trying new books, with a couple of caveats. (Being the following: I read wholesome, or at least, clean, books. If I recommend a book, you can trust that it is clean; there won't be profanity, sex, or gore.)

 I tend to go back and forth between fiction and non-fiction. More accurately, I read both simultaneously, taking turns with them. Now and then, I'll love a work of fiction so much that I'll read it straight through and exclusively. These are the sort I'm most likely to recommend.

I can also point you to other authors, even when a book title may not come directly to mind. I've received so many emails asking when my next book will be out that I'm feeling positively guilty that I don't have a new release yet! (Except for a short story.) So--that's why I want you to know that I'm not just an "author."

 I'm a book consultant!

I'm your new online reference librarian!

(OK, that's stretching it.)

But seriously, to start with, if you're reading this, you can get a Tracie Peterson book right now for free on Kindle. (Click the book cover, left. If you don't have a Kindle, no worries:  your PC or other device can get a Kindle App,which is free.)

 I haven't yet read A Lady of High Regard, since I just downloaded it, myself. But knowing Tracie Peterson's writing, I can recommend her with full confidence that she absolutely will not offend your highly discriminating palate.

(How do I know you are highly discriminating? Because you like MY books!)

Another good book I'd recommend is Prisoners in the Palace: How Princess Victoria Became Queen with the Help of Her Maid. (I enjoyed this book so much I meant to give it it's own blog-post but didn't get to it).

The title had me wondering if it might be too quirky, but rest assured this is a quick-paced, delightful read. I always enjoy glimpses of the young Victoria and this book gives you much more than that. It's fiction, of course, but based on real-life events, and when the mix is brought together with such aplomb, it can't help but delight. By Michaela MacColl, Prisoners isn't a Christian book, but it's good, clean fun.

As your new "book consultant", I'll try to post about good reads more often.  In the meantime, let me know if you enjoy one or both of these.

And let me know: What types of book do you find yourself looking for most often?  What type of book do you most HOPE to read when you search for the next one? 

Warmest Blessings,


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