Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Sacred Revolution!

Today's guest post by Amber Gallagher is a special treat. Homeschoolers, Sunday school teachers, and parents, listen up! This is a sexual revolution in the GOOD sense--stepping back towards purity, holiness, appreciation of one's body, and the sanctity of the marriage bed. Your kids need this. MY kids need this. Here's Amber, telling you what it's all about:
Back in the 1960’s, young people led a widespread revolt against morals, self-control, and modesty. They called it the “Sexual Revolution” as they encouraged one another to express “free love”—throwing off restraint and embracing the indulgences of the day. It turns out that a lot of what that generation fought for has not turned out to be so "freeing" after all. Since the days of the so-called “Sexual Revolution,” the teen pregnancy rate, STD rates and divorce rates have all spiraled out of control.

It is only when Jesus Christ is enthroned in our hearts as our precious Savior that we will walk in true freedom, victory and peace. It is for this purpose that we were born. It is our heritage and there is no other way.

We are made in the image of a sacred God and nothing but the sacred will satisfy our restless hearts.

Several years ago, I felt the Lord calling me to begin to urge young people to take up arms in an altogether different kind of revolution—The Sacred Revolution.

Sacred means to be holy, pure, set apart for service and worship to God.

Revolution (or Revolt) is a sudden, radical, or complete change. It is the overthrow of one ruler and establishing the replacement of another, by those who are being governed.

Thus, Sacred Revolution Ministries was born. This is a ministry where our heart is to not settle for the temporary “charms” this world has to offer, but instead we are determined to live the adventurous life with Christ.

We are made in the image of a sacred God and nothing but the sacred will satisfy our restless hearts.

At Sacred Revolution Ministries, we strive to offer resources that help cultivate a genuine and ever growing relationship with God for young men and women. We believe that purity is at the heart of this kind of life. Isn’t it interesting that impurity is the very thing the devil uses to distract and destroy the hearts of so many of our youth today? If it were not important, why would our enemy spend so much time trying to entice us to sabotage our own purity?

The Bible says in Matthew 5:8 (NIV) that Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

The ones who choose purity will see Him in this life!

This powerful truth impassioned me to write two Bible study curricula: The Princess Within: Living Like a Princess from the Inside Out and The Sacred Revolution: Uncovering Purity for the Modern Day Knight.

The Princess Within: Living Like a Princess from the Inside Out is for young ladies who want to live out the amazing journey of discovering their God-given destiny as daughters of The Great King as well as to learn how to fulfill His purpose for their lives on this earth.

What students saying about The Princess Within:

"After living through so many divorces, and being abused so many times, my heart grew hard and cold. God spoke through so many of your stories and showed me that romance is real, and sex can be beautiful (in proper context)."

"Hearing about the depth of God's love, and how much he treasures us, was completely mind blowing."

The Sacred Revolution: Uncovering Purity for the Modern Day Knight Bible study will help lead young men on a journey to reclaim their rightful destiny as sons of the Most High God. It offers an eye-opening look at the importance of purity and holiness as well as strategies of war for conquering temptation and setting boundary lines for maintaining a victorious and flourishing relationship with God.

To find further information on these life-changing Bible study curricula, to have Amber Gallagher speak at your event, or to learn about purity summer camps offered for young men and women, please visit or

What do you think, readers? Isn't it time we helped young people make a sacred revolt? Get on board by visiting Amber's website. There are young people in your life who need this stuff. Even those who are committed to abstinence will be fortified and strengthened by reviewing the biblical reasons for doing so.

Amber, I thank God for raising up warriors like you and your team for the sake of our youth, our culture and the world!


Amber Gallagher, who is often referred to as “The Abstinence Lady,” is a singer, speaker and author. She has presented the purity message to over 60,000 students through her work at the Community Pregnancy Center where she has spent the last ten years as Director of Positive Life Choices Education Program. This hopeful romantic enjoys spending time with family (especially her husband) and friends, horseback riding, singing, playing piano and most importantly growing ever closer to the heart of the Great King.


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