Thursday, June 06, 2013

Three Things & Contest Winners!

1. Announcing for the last two giveaways here at Woman of Faith!  (Finally!) The first giveaway winner receives
the book English Country House Murders, and the CD, "Voices of the Faithful," from Beth Moore Presents.

And the winner is....MARY PRESTON. Congratulations, Mary! I'll need your mailing address to send your prizes so please email me at Linore(at)LinoreBurkard(dot)com.

The 2nd giveaway was for a free copy of Pearls from the Sea, by MaryLu Tyndall and Debbie Mitchell.
And the winner is....VICKIE MARNEY. Congratulations, Vickie! Your ebook will be automatically mailed to you by one of the authors.

Hope you both enjoy your prizes. :)

2. UPDATE to "If Sickness Doesn't Kill You, Modern Medicine Will."

Last week I wrote about having gone for a CT Scan at my doctor's request, which he felt was necessary because I have high cholesterol. I mentioned that high cholesterol, according to the latest science, has absolutely NO causative relation to heart disease, especially in women. I went for the scan, received a chest full of radiation (yuck!) and said I'd get back to you with the results. I felt that maybe the toxicity of the test would be worth it if I found out something useful.

So--the results came back (the very next day): I have a score of ZERO cardiac calcium. "You have NO heart disease," the nurse told me during the call. So I underwent getting all that radiation to find out it wasn't necessary. I am trying to console myself with the fact that it was good news--even though the test WASN'T necessary--it is far better to find out that I have no diseased cardiac arteries, than to feel it was worthwhile getting it because I do. 

Bottom line: Don't be eager to undergo tests that aren't necessary, especially if they entail radiation exposure. If I could turn back the clock, I'd ask, instead, for a test that measures arterial blockage in the neck, and that is far less toxic, if at all. I'm not sure why my doctor didn't suggest this test to begin with, and I will ask him that at my next opportunity. 

3. The Sale Continues! (But for how much longer?)


It's odd to be an author and not know when your books go on sale but it happens. Recently I was on Amazon and discovered accidentally that my books (the Kindle editions) were on a deeply discounted sale! Apparently, ( a reader told me) that the Nook editions are also at these bargain prices.

Before the Season Ends   Only $1.99                                    

The House in Grosvenor Square  Only $2.51

The Country House Courtship  Only $3.03

I love sales because it means more readers take a chance on me; some of my dearest friends are women who read my books and contacted me! Of course I enjoy getting more readers anyway, but a great deal on my books is something I'm happy to tell others about. I love a deal myself, so I can totally identify with you on that.  

The Regency Books on Sale on Nook

Stay tuned for an announcement of the new drawing--June is the month for weddings and romance, so I have something beautifully fun and romantic to give away! All commenters this month are automatically entered in the drawing, so even if you comment today, it counts.  I'll have a picture of the June giveaway by tomorrow.
Hugs and Blessings,


Linore Burkard said...

Don't know how much longer that sale is going to last, by the way, so if you're missing any book in the series, now is the time to complete your set!

chaplaindebbie said...

First of all, congrats to the winners! Vicki, I will head over and order your copy of our devotional soon! I pray it blesses you!
Second, so happy that the test results were good, Linore, even though the methods were not so good.
As for your books, I have the first two in the series, will need to get the third. This sale isn't just for Nook, is it?
Your new drawing sounds intriguing. Sign me up! Hugs and God bless!

Mary Preston said...

Thank you so much. Just wonderful. I have emailed through.

Jon and Vicki Marney said...

Thank you for choosing me to win Marylu & Debbie's e-book. I will be watching for it. Will it show up in an email or will it show up via Amazon? Just wondering where I should be watching for it. Thanks again!

Linore Burkard said...

You'll be notified right in your email FROM Amazon that the book has been sent to you, Vicki, as it will be gifted to you via your email address. (You do have a Kindle, right?)