Wednesday, October 31, 2012

LAST DAY to enter-- Plus New Contest!

Books, Books, Books

The winner of the "Just Ten Things Giveaway II" will be chosen after midnight, tonight. Have you left a comment to be entered in the drawing? It's not too late!
Once this contest closes, it's time for a new one! I'm stepping it up a little by giving away not one, but five great books by popular Christian authors this week. Two of the books are hardcovers with dustjackets. One is a brand new release. All are by authors you'll love (especially, ahem, the author of that last title. You'll love her the most. I know it.) 

You'll have until  Thursday, November 8th, to enter so the winner can be announced on Friday's blog.  

This Week's Woman of Faith Contest Winner (Sorry, US only) will get: 
  1. Flight of Fancy- Laurie Alice Eakes
  2. The Red Siren--MaryLu Tyndall
  3. A Simple Winter (Hardcover with dustjacket)--Rosalind Lauer
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter--Teresa Slack
  5. The House in Grosvenor Square (Hardcover with dustjacket)--Linore Burkard  Autographed by moi, of course. 
My iPad camera is on the blink so I couldn't post photos of the books--hopefully I'll be able to do that before the contest closes. I've given links to the Amazon page for these books so you can see what they look like. Just click on the title you want to see, above, if you're interested.

The Contest

I like the focus we've had on counting our blessings; on thankfulness. With Thanksgiving coming up next month, I'd like to keep things focused on the blessings in our lives: family, friends, freedom of worship-- food!
There we have four categories, one of which we'll highlight each week for the next four weeks.

How to Enter

Help me get to know you a little better. 
Leave a comment here at the blog telling me you've entered the giveaway.  

But to enter, click to my facebook Author page and share a photo that shows the blessing of family. Not just any family, but YOUR family!  You could leave a cheery full-family photo, a snapshot of your family doing something it loves, or just a special picture of one member of the bunch, and why this photo is special. That's it! 

When  you leave your comment to tell me you've entered, please leave an email address where I can notify you if you win. I'll also announce the winner on this blog, so be sure to check the posts.Leave your email like this: Linore (at) LinoreBurkard (dot) com.

I'm kicking things off with a few pics of my family, drawn from some I have handy on my pc. (No need to jump through hoops, here!) If you have any Autumn-themed photos, all the better, but not necessary. And, even though I'm sharing a few, you need only submit ONE.
 This Week's Theme:  FAMILY
Here are a few photos of mine: 

As you can see, my focus for Easter that year wasn't on the beauty of the "baskets."  Family is what makes any holiday special, not the accoutrements--though they can be important traditions. Some years, I have had pretty baskets for everyone, but others, if I've been strapped for time I'll  use ANYTHING that works! You can see by the smiles that kids don't really care how fancy the package is: They just love getting whatever's inside it! 

 My three oldest: We all went to visit my daughter at Grace College, in Indiana, one fall. (No, that upside-down guy is not one of the family!)  

O, happy day! My oldest daughter had said (during the pregnancy), "I think our family is big enough. We don't need another baby." I said, "As soon as you see her, you'll fall in love." She was skeptical. After the birth? "Oh, mom, she's soooooo precious! You're right. I love her."  

Two of my guys (I needed to get my hubby on the page) NEXT MONTH we're getting a family portrait done in time for Christmas cards. I look forward to having one of ALL of us. 
 Here's my crew again in Michigan visiting Aunt Alice (on the left.)

Now it's your turn.
I'll choose a winner on November 8th .
Again, here's the list of books in the "Basket" you can win:
(One winner takes all!)
  1. Flight of Fancy- Laurie Alice Eakes
  2. The Red Siren--MaryLu Tyndall
  3. A Simple Winter (Hardcover with dustjacket!)--Rosalind Lauer
  4. The Ultimate Guide to Darcy Carter--Teresa Slack
  5. The House in Grosvenor Square (Hardcover with dustjacket!)--Linore Burkard  Autographed by moi, of course. 
Enter today. I can't wait to "meet" you!

                                       And Now: A word from our sponsor--(Just kidding!)

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