Friday, October 26, 2012

10 reasons to fast from Halloween--Guest Post by Linda Harvey

My blog header promises that this blog will be "practically usable," which is a little play on words. (Is it practical? Is it usable? Is it almost--or practically--usable?) As an author I enjoy word play, of course. But today's post is a link to a definitely practical exploration of why we, as Christ followers, should consider bypassing this increasingly dark celebration we call Halloween.

Before you read it, take advantage of this litte harvest-themed picture frame you can use.

But back to the issue of Halloween: Here's an intro to what Linda has to say. Please click through to the WND site (World Net Daily) to read the full discussion. If you return here and leave a comment, it'll count as an entry to the book drawing I have going on here this week. If you're comment is (randomly) chosen, you'll win a free book!--one from among those I've written and which you can see if you scroll along the right side-bar of this blog. If you win, you choose the book you want.

Anyway, here's what Linda says:

 10 Reasons to Fast from Halloween

 Skip Halloween? Many American Christians cringe at the very idea. Who wants to be labeled a witch-hunting fundamentalist? And no one wants to be the bad parent who deprives a child of the “essential” childhood experience of trick-or-treating.
 But the number of Christians stirred by conviction about Halloween is growing. I believe Christians need to bypass overt celebrations of Halloween, and some of my reasons may surprise you:
Click through to read the rest of this thought-provoking essay. Then, RETURN HERE to read my thoughts and leave a comment.

My thoughts:  When we lived on Long Island, my next-door-neighbor's daughter was a self-proclaimed witch. A "white witch," she said. She had a "spirit guide"--a demon!--giving her counsel. Her life was a shambles, but she was essentially a sweet girl that I tried to reach out to.   HOWEVER, Halloween night was a huge thing for her and her friends. They went into the nature preserve behind both houses and did some sorts of rituals, things, quite honestly, that I didn't want any details of--not that she was offering. Ultimately, I had to choose to put distance between us as my little ones were so young (and vulnerable). I never wanted to give her an opportunity to be alone with any of my children--not for a moment. She admitted to using spells, for example.

While I firmly trust in the power of Christ which is FAR GREATER than any satanic power, I had church elders telling me to avoid contact, especially on account of my newborn. It was a dilemma. Sometimes I wish I hadn't listened, and had continued to try and reach out to this young, lost woman. My withdrawal hurt her feelings, and that is something I will always regret. In any case, the fact that Halloween is the biggest event of the year for such people should tell us something.

Surprisingly, my nine-year-old-daughter has actually ASKED to skip Halloween this year--that says a lot right there.  She's a sensitive soul and, at her young age, has already discerned an uncomfortable amount of not-so-fun stuff in this supposedly kid-friendly day.  She has moments of weakness on account of the candy (of course) which is why I will buy some and hide it for her to find, like an Easter egg hunt.

What about you? Will you be celebrating Halloween this year? How could you switch things up so that you aren't participating with darkness? Some years, I've bought candy for the kids and hidden it all over the house like I'll be doing this month.  Other years, I've trudged along with them as they went from house-to-house, enjoying the social interaction with other parents, as well as the more creative, cuter costumes on kids. (We so WANT this to be an innocent, fun holiday! But it's not.)

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Barbara Derksen said...

Friends attended a conference years ago, where a new believer, an ex-satanist,was the main speaker. He spoke of Halloween as being their high holiday, that more babies are sacrificed that night than on any other. When you see the trend to treat Halloween as important as Christmas these days, and we know the world is moving away from Chrisitanity, we can see who's night this is. This man also said that a praying Christian is feared by satanists and that they are weak at the knees when a Christian prays. So let's forego the evil holiday and concentrate instead on our Christian celebrations.

Dana Wilkerson Spille said...

I don't do Halloween .I have done the hiding bags of candy over the house I don't if I will be doing it this year my youngest is 24 don't think he is into it like he was when he was younger. One of my BFF who is now a born again spirit filled Christian use to the crystals,Witchcraft stuff. We can drive by a place that has Halloween stuff up and she will say something like " People really don't understand what doors they open when they do these things." Love to win a copy of one of your books .Thank you for the offer .Dana "Girl"

Dana Wilkerson Spille said...

Sorry my youngest is 14 not 24 .

Linore Burkard said...

Wow, thanks, Barbara and Dana. I knew people opened doors by involvement in anything occult, but just decorating? Of course the "decorations" are tombs and zombies nowadays, but that was something I hadn't heard, before. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.
And oh, Dana, my 15 yr old AND my kids in their twenties still don't mind getting candy!

Linore Burkard said...

Forgot to say, Barbara, that it's wonderful to know how effective a praying Christian is. As the Word tells us,
GREATER is He that is in us than he that is in the world!

chaplaindebbie said...
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