Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I love, love, love, Christmas. I love the season, the lights, the small-town main streets all decked out in holly and berries and candles and more. I even love the look of department stores with glitter and glimmer and ornaments shimmering, despite the commercialism. It doesn't dampen my spirit or heart--maybe it's the hopeless female-shopaholic in me, I don't know, but the only thing that really gets me down about Christmas is how fast it goes by each year.

This year went especially fast.
I had hip surgery on December 9th, stayed in the hospital for three 1/2 days, and after that, zip, zip, zip, Christmas came, Christmas went. Fortunately, my kids REALLY wanted us to decorate before my surgery, so the very night before, we did. I finished exhausted and not looking forward to the next morning in the operating room, but when I got home from the hospital, the decorated house was a wonderful sight.

I'm one of those who decorate big--not the outdoor glitzy stuff, but the inside, deck the halls and mantels, put a tree in more than one room, fill the picture-window sill with snowmen and santas and angels, and get the nativity just right. After that, layer on the lights!

I'm very visual when it comes to how I feel, and the visual beauty of Christmas is partially why I enjoy it so much. Don't get me wrong, however. I really know that Jesus is the Reason, and some years have been special JUST because of Him. Perhaps all my decorations and adornments only distract me from the Savior. In the end, though, I consider it THE best time of the year for evangelism, and I never feel there can be too much emphasis on the Son of God becoming flesh for our benefit.

HOWEVER: My post today is really an excuse to send YOU a belated Merry Christmas.
Due to my post-op recovering, I did less shopping, less sending of cards, less of just about everything (even decorating). And less cooking!

I also failed to get out a December issue of my online e-zine (which I hope you're subscribed to by now--if not, sign up on my website and you'll get a free download by email right away. Join here:Linore Burkard.com . The thing is, I usually fill the December issue with beautiful, historical Christmas images, as well as a good meaty article. I'm sorry I didn't get to do that...

Which is why this blog post is an excuse for me to at least send you a Christmas e-card, even though it's belated. Actually, I have two cards to share.

The first was sent to me by a sweet reader--The card only takes a minute to view, and it is well worth it! Also, if you have youngsters around, be sure to let them watch as the graphics are sure to delight young and old. Have your speakers on:
Click HERE

This next one is from me and other Ohio authors who are part of the ACFW chapter here in the Buckeye State. Author Michelle LeVigne put it together. A fellow Harvest House author, Mary Ellis, is in this, too. Enjoy it here!

Wait! Just like late night info-mercials, "that's not all!" If you act now (by scrolling down) you can ALSO get some belated lovely images from my collections. After this, I can say goodbye to Christmas.


"Stirring the Christmas Pudding"


"Angels We Have Heard On High"

Last but not least, about keeping "Merry Christmas" in commercial outlets. My 9 year old loved this.

Merry Christmas!
Hugs and love,

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