Friday, April 24, 2009

I have a devotion for you today from that wonderful lady, Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Remember, I "borrow " devotions when I'm writing on deadline--not every day, but when I'm in a time crunch. Enjoy.

April 24, 2009

Keep the Commitment

“Please leave your question at the tone.” (beep)

“My quiet time seems like something to check off my to-do list every day. If I really loved God, wouldn’t I jump out of bed every morning and run to spend time with Him?”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Not necessarily. You don’t want to live by your emotions, but there is something to be said for maintaining any good habit—even if we’re not full of warm feelings.

A lot of times when we’re faithful to carry out a discipline, the desire follows. For instance, even if a woman doesn’t feel warm toward her husband, she can act in a loving way. And she’ll probably find that her feelings for him will grow.

The same is true in our relationship with God. As Charles Spurgeon said:

“We should pray when we are in a praying mood, for it would be sinful to neglect so fair an opportunity. We should pray when we are not in the proper mood, for it would be dangerous to remain in so unhealthy a condition.”

With Seeking Him, I'm Nancy Leigh DeMoss.

This transcript is taken from the nationally-syndicated
daily radio program Seeking Him with Nancy Leigh DeMoss.


Ashley Ludwig said...

Linore - it's amazing, isn't it, how we line item our quiet time as something to "check off" the list! As a writing, working mother, I take my prayer time when I can get it...usually praying for the ability to be the mother my kids need me to be. I tried praying for patience, and was just given LOTS of opportunities to be patient! LOL. Thanks for your glad to find your blog!


unwriter said...

I like this blog. I pray when I can but I show my devotion by sharing laughs. By getting smiles from others I can brighten their day and that makes me feel good.

sherrinda said...

Recently I've felt dry in my time with God. I had let blogging and emails encroach on my morning time with Him and quit turning on my computer in the morning. I check it all after work. So far, my time with Him is fresher and more focused...not rushed.
What a great reminder of the importance of time spent with the Lord.

Linore said...

Thanks for your comment--it's true that sometimes when we get what we pray for, it's not quite what we hoped for, is it? Thank goodness God knows what is best! (And, by the way, I'm sure you ARE the best mom your kids could have!)How do I know this? Just because you want to be, and because God made you their mom. : )

Hi Unwriter:
Laughter can be like healing medicine, so I appreciate your determination to spread smiles in people's lives! Keep it up!

And Sherrinda,
What you mention is a continual temptation for most of us, I suspect. Good method--just don't turn the darn thing on, and you can't be distracted by it! I have to do that for writing, too.

Thanks for coming on board, everyone. I look forward to picking the winner of one of my books today!

laura said...

I know that I "feel" closer to God when my quiet time is I try to be faithful to my daily time in the morning because I want to feel that. But the truth is He is close to me whether I feel it or not - so don't feel guilty if you miss a morning. Just remember Him throughout the day, especially when He shines through you or others you're with.

Linore said...

Great reminder, Laura! So true. Even when praying, it's easy to try to gauge how effective your prayer will be, based on your current "feelings," instead of on the timeless, unchanging nature of God.