Friday, April 10, 2009


"God is always testing us, and his testing does not come when we are
warned and ready. Anyone can pass a test then.
God's tests catch us unprepared, off guard. It is when we are confronted
with some simple situation no one will know about that the tests of life
really come. When you are relaxing at home and the phone rings and
suddenly you are confronted with a call for help, or a demand for a
response--and you had planned to relax and enjoy yourself all
afternoon--what happens then? That's the test."
Ray Stedman (from 365 WWJD?)

Instead of a phone call, I could just substitute the needs of my
children, which sometimes arise with sudden intensity. My youngest
is particularly prone to stampede into my study with a need, large
or small, and my lap must be instantly available. I could be in
the middle of finally writing the portion of my book that had been eluding
me--or answering an important email; No matter. My child wants
first place in my attention, and I have to confess that it is not always
easy to give.

I remind myself that her needing me is not something I HAVE to
put up with--it is a privilege! I am honored to be a mom. I am grateful
for my children. Each of the "interruptions" are really just reminders
of my true life. I am here first of all as a daughter of God, wife, and mother.

What area of your life do you sometimes perceive as "interruptions?"
It may be that your interruptions, like mine, are little tests to see whether your
heart is where it should be.

When I manage to turn from my pc and fully embrace my daughter, or whatever
child it is needing my attention, I am richer for it. They are richer for it.
This is what my life should, and must, consist of. Putting people first.
Except me.




Pat I. said...

A lovely blog...

Thanks for standing up for the Truth, Linore; I especially enjoyed your thoughts about devotions. It reminds me that we should devote our time and talents to our Savior, and all that He loves.
Blessings on all your endeavors for Him! Pat I.

Linore said...

Thank you, Pat. We all need reminders often, don't we? It's called, "spurring each other on to faith and good works."
Thanks for your "spurring" (ie., encouragement).